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Giant Panda’s Sudden Death in Thai Zoo Sparks Anger in China


A giant panda on permanent loan to a zoo in Thailand since 2003 has unexpectedly passed away on Monday, sparking outrage in China where it originated.

Local media reports that the 19-year-old male panda, named Chuang Chuang, collapsed after eating bamboo Monday afternoon in Chiang Mai Zoo, Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. Pandas, which generally live 14-20 years in the wild, live up to 30 years in captivity, according to WWF.

Chinese Mountain Cats in the Wild Caught on Video For the First Time

mountain cat

In a very rare moment, an infrared camera set up in Chindu County recently captured a small Chinese Mountain Cat family in the wild.

This is the first time a family of Chinese Mountain Cats (Felis bieti) has been filmed on video in the wild, according to CGTN. The animal is listed as a second-class protected wild animal in China, as well as an endangered species — truly one of the rarest types of cat in the world.

China Arrests ‘Pangolin Princess’ Who Loves Eating Endangered Animals

A Chinese woman dubbed the “Pangolin Princess” for her appetite for endangered animals was arrested and now faces 10 years in prison after she posted images of her meals online.

A Weibo user shared screenshots of posts from another user named “Zhanfangdeduoduo” in 2011 and 2012, showing a bowl of “Eight animal stew,” which included nationally-protected animals such as the pangolin, swan and snake cooked for five hours, according to Shanghaiist.