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Japanese Professor Arrested For Allegedly Teaching Students to Make MDMA

A Japanese professor was arrested after channeling his inner Walter White by allegedly asking his students to make ecstasy during class.

The unnamed 61-year-old Japanese pharmacology professor from Matsuyama University in western Japan reportedly had his students create MDMA, commonly referred to as ecstasy, in 2013, and another “designer drug” called 5F-QUPIC, also known as 5F-PB-22, last year, according to AFP. The latter is a cannabis-like drug that was banned in Japan in 2014.

Elementary School Boy Accidentally Shares Father’s Ecstasy with Friends Thinking It was Candy

A 46-year-old father from Riau province, Indonesia was arrested after his son accidentally discovered his stash of ecstasy and gave some to his elementary school friends thinking it was candy.

The stash of ecstasy was found by the toddler inside a car that belonged to his father, identified only by his initials HR, the police said, according to Detik via Coconuts Jakarta.

Shocking Video Shows What Taking Ecstasy Did to One 16-Year-Old Girl

When 16-year-old Amy Thomson decided to go to a ecstasy-fuelled house party in Glasgow, Scotland last June, she didn’t know that one little pill would devastate her life.

She took a powerful form of crystallized MDMA, the main ingredient in other forms of the drug known as molly and ecstasy, that left her struggling to survive in a month-long coma. Now, Amy and her family have released a short video to bring awareness to the devastating side effects of MDMA which may include potentially permanent brain damage.