Someone Put Over $100K of Ecstasy in Boba Milk Tea in Malaysia

Someone Put Over $100K of Ecstasy in Boba Milk Tea in Malaysia

January 14, 2020
A ring of drug dealers in Malaysia ended up in police custody after being caught mixing ecstasy with bubble milk tea, among other beverages.
The group, composed of four men and three women, aged 20 to 35, conducted their operations in areas of Langkawi and Bukit Tinggi.
Image via PDRM Pulau Pinang
On Jan. 10, authorities seized 131 packets of milk tea powder and 27 bottles of grape juice and lemon iced tea, which have all been infused with ecstasy.
Image via PDRM Pulau Pinang
The total market price of the ecstasy, including all beverages seized, amounted to 434,800 Malaysian ringgit ($106,710), according to Sin Chew Daily.
Image via PDRM Pulau Pinang
A cup of milk tea or a bottle of whatever beverage is reportedly sold from 250 Malaysian ringgit ($62) to 350 Malaysian ringgit ($86), according to Kwong Wah Yit Poh.
Image via PDRM Pulau Pinang
Police arrested two of the men along a road in Langkawi before heading to an apartment in Bukit Tinggi, where the rest of the group were busted.
Image via PDRM Pulau Pinang
This appears to be the first time authorities have seized an illegal substance in bubble milk tea, which has grown in popularity across Asia and even in North America in recent years.
“Mixing substances in beverages is nothing new for drug rings, but this time, they used milk tea cups,” an official from PDRM Pulau Pinang said in a press conference. “If these poisoned drinks got out in the market, they could have been consumed by [up to] 790 people.”
Image via PDRM Pulau Pinan
Aside from the drinks, police also seized assets worth 462,250 Malaysian ringgit ($113,450), which included cash, four cars, four leather bags and two watches.
Image via PDRM Pulau Pinang
Image via PDRM Pulau Pinang
Image via PDRM Pulau Pinang
Feature Images via PDRM Pulau Pinang
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