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Why You’re Probably a Hypocrite if You Judge People Who Eat Dogs

I have never eaten dog meat, simply because I grew up in a society which groomed me to treat dogs as “man’s best friend.”

So with an emotional connection with canines, I eat the meat of other animals instead and feel alright about it because it seems fine, as the majority of the civilized world has deemed it so. Even my two pet dogs and one cat share my appetite for beef, pork chops and fried chicken.

Why Millennial Eating Habits are Making Them Broke

Generation Y loves to eat out. Although millennials make up only 25% of the population, they eat out more than all other generational groups combined.

In fact, they love eating out so much that 87% of millennials said that they will “splurge on a nice meal, even when money is tight.” That also partly explains why millennials are dirt broke and why 56% of millennials say they would switch food brands if offered a cents-off coupon.