Adorable Girl Has Sneaky Way of Hiding Her Chips

Adorable Girl Has Sneaky Way of Hiding Her ChipsAdorable Girl Has Sneaky Way of Hiding Her Chips
Ryan General
May 10, 2018
While we’ve been told as children that it is an admirable habit to share, sometimes certain situations prevent us from being as caring as we should be.  
Especially when a bag of chips is on the line.
Considering how little portions are pack in those airy bags, we can understand what’s going on behind the viral video of a little girl who used some sneaky tactics to avoid sharing her snack.
In the short clip, which has been widely shared on social media, an unnamed Asian toddler is seen eating a bag of chips with great care to ensure her sibling won’t notice.
Sitting innocently in their living room, the child stealthily munches through her snack as another child, who appears to be her sibling, plays around her. In between bites, she makes sure the coast is clear before she gets another piece.
She maintains a convincing poker face as she takes out a chip from the bag hidden under a blanket. After shoving the chip into her mouth as quickly as she can, she then hides the open packet from view safely under her blanket.
While her stealthy technique was pretty impressive, someone, presumably her parent, was able to capture the evidence on film. All throughout filming, the person behind the camera can be heard giggling, unable to contain their laughter caused by the adorable scene.
It is unfortunate that there was no information on the original video revealing who the cute girl was or when and where the footage was filmed, but that doesn’t stop one from enjoying the cute clip (and maybe taking a few notes on how to hide snacks).
Featured Image via YouTube / Great Interesting Funny – GIF
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