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Blind Japanese Boy Writes to Nintendo For More Games, Gets a Heartwarming Response

It’s hard for a blind 5-year-old Japanese boy, Hibiki Sakai, to play video games because of his condition. However, he finds joy in playing a specific Nintendo game and thanked the giant game company for it.

A Twitter user under the username of “kentarock1020” recently posted a heartwarming photo of a letter his son, Hibiki, sent Nintendo. In the letter, the 5-year-old boy said:

How a Chinese Single Mom Raised Her Disabled Son to Get Into Harvard

A devoted mom from China who helped her disabled son overcome major challenges in life has recently achieved another milestone: getting her son admitted to Harvard University.

Zou Hongyan’s son Ding Ding nearly suffocated and died due to a birth complication back in 1988. While the boy survived, the episode left him with cerebral palsy. According to Xinhua (via SCMP), hospital doctors in Hubei Province even suggested to Zou that she give the child up because according to them, rescuing him would be worthless as he would eventually grow up either with low intelligence or with a lifelong disability.