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Man in China arrested for marrying off underage, mentally disabled daughter to 3 different men for money

  • A man in central China has been arrested for marrying off his disabled teenage daughter to three older men between 2018 and 2021 for profit.
  • Although his daughter was born in 2005, the man claimed that she was over 20 years old.
  • The man allegedly collected tens of thousands of yuan from all three men.
  • Prosecutors are currently determining whether to charge the man.

A man in central China married off his mentally disabled teenage daughter on three occasions between 2018 and 2021 to three different men for cash. 

The father, surnamed Xie, from Lianyuan Hunan province, sold his daughter Tingting to receive bride payments. He claimed that his daughter was over 20 years old, although she was born in January 2005. 

Transgender and disabled TikToker says TSA sexually assaulted his girlfriend and broke his walker

  • A transgender and disabled TikToker claimed in a TikTok video that TSA agents at Milwaukee Mitchell Airport and Los Angeles International Airport sexually assaulted his girlfriend and broke his walker.
  • TSA agents allegedly forced the TikToker to stand without his walker for 20 minutes and sexually assaulted his girlfriend during a pat-down while asking for her “breast size.”
  • The TikTok video has received over 27,000 likes and 109,000 views since being uploaded on Monday.

In a TikTok video posted on Monday, a transgender and disabled man described being discriminated against by Transportation Security Administration agents at Milwaukee Mitchell Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.

The alleged incident occurred at the Milwaukee Mitchell Airport on May 19 and at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on May 21, reported The Daily Dot

Stacey Park Milbern, Korean American activist who fought for the disabled, honored in Google Doodle

Google celebrated queer Korean American disability justice activist Stacey Park Milbern with a special Google Doodle on Thursday.

Born with congenital muscular dystrophy in Seoul on May 19, 1987, Milbern was an active leader who advocated for a more inclusive disability justice movement, according to Google. Milbern focused on giving people of color and transgender and gender-expansive individuals a seat at the table.

Indian airline removes disabled teenager from flight after claiming he was ‘uncontrollable’

  • Indian airline IndiGo is under investigation after it prevented a disabled teenager from boarding a flight on Saturday at the Ranchi Airport in India due to his “uncontrollable” behavior.
  • Staff members told the teenager’s parents that he would pose a risk to other passengers, although many had allegedly reassured the staff that they had no problems with the family boarding the flight.
  • A passenger on the flight, Manisha Gupta, wrote about the incident in a Facebook post in which they described the staff as displaying “brute authority.”
  • IndiGo responded to the incident in a statement, saying they take pride in being an “inclusive organization” and that the family was provided with a hotel stay and flight for the next morning.

A disabled teenager and his family were prevented from boarding their flight on Saturday at Ranchi Airport in India after staff members said he posed a risk to other passengers because of his “uncontrollable” behavior.

A passenger on the flight, Manisha Gupta, wrote about the story yesterday on Facebook, where she described staff members as displaying “brute authority and power.” Gupta explained that the teenager, who was in a wheelchair, was in “great distress” and showing signs of “hunger, thirst, anxiety and confusion.” She added that the parents were “obviously” capable of handling the incident and managed to calm him down.

Quadriplegic Chinese streamer beats challenging ‘Elden Ring’ game using his mouth and breath

quadriplegic Chinese gamer Elden Ring
  • Zhu Mingjun, a quadriplegic streamer, beat “Elden Ring,” one of the most difficult games released this year, using custom code, a mouth controller and his breath.
  • The 29-year-old former firefighter, who comes from eastern China’s Shandong Province, became paralyzed from the neck down after falling while on duty on July 9, 2013.
  • Zhu started giving public speeches in the city of Anqiu in 2018 to talk about his condition before taking up livestreaming.
  • He initially relied on his mother to help him move his character around in “Elden Ring,” but after acquiring a custom mouth controller, he can now play his video games without any assistance.
  • “Livestreaming has changed my life dramatically,” Zhu said. “I have got to know too many new friends [through livestreaming]. I am not alone like before. I am enjoying the happiness brought by livestreaming. On top of that, I can earn money from it.”

A quadriplegic Chinese gamer and streamer has managed to beat “Elden Ring” using a custom mouth controller and his breath.

Zhu Mingjun, 29, showcased his skills in a video posted on BiliBili, where he demonstrated his swift moves in evading oncoming attacks from the notoriously difficult game’s seven main bosses.

Blind Japanese Boy Writes to Nintendo For More Games, Gets a Heartwarming Response

It’s hard for a blind 5-year-old Japanese boy, Hibiki Sakai, to play video games because of his condition. However, he finds joy in playing a specific Nintendo game and thanked the giant game company for it.

A Twitter user under the username of “kentarock1020” recently posted a heartwarming photo of a letter his son, Hibiki, sent Nintendo. In the letter, the 5-year-old boy said:

How a Chinese Single Mom Raised Her Disabled Son to Get Into Harvard

A devoted mom from China who helped her disabled son overcome major challenges in life has recently achieved another milestone: getting her son admitted to Harvard University.

Zou Hongyan’s son Ding Ding nearly suffocated and died due to a birth complication back in 1988. While the boy survived, the episode left him with cerebral palsy. According to Xinhua (via SCMP), hospital doctors in Hubei Province even suggested to Zou that she give the child up because according to them, rescuing him would be worthless as he would eventually grow up either with low intelligence or with a lifelong disability.