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Chinese model Ming Xi shows off her 1-year-old daughter’s designer bag collection worth over $14,000

Model branded bags for daughter
  • Chinese model Ming Xi was criticized online for flexing her 1-year-old daughter’s branded bag collection worth 110,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $14,012) in a video uploaded to Xiaohongshu on July 10.
  • Some of the designer bags include a miniature Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy bag that costs 14,100 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $1,796), a Chanel handle bag with chain for 18,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $2,290), a Chanel bucket bag with chain priced at 31,800 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $4,050), a Dior Micro Lady bag at 29,000 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $3,690) and a Dior Micro Saddle bag for 21,600 Hong Kong dollars (approximately $2,750).
  • “It's a really, really small bag and is super cute! I feel my daughter can use it in the future,” Ming said about the Louis Vuitton bag. “It's very trendy to go retro nowadays, so I can buy a bigger Louis Vuitton Speedy and carry it together with her — I think that would be so cute!"
  • Explaining her reasoning for why she bought the accessories now instead of in the future, Ming said, “I'm afraid that once the trend passes then they won't produce it anymore, so I thought, 'I'd better quickly buy them!'”

Chinese model Ming Xi showcased her 1-year-old daughter’s collection of branded bags, including Chanel, Dior and Louis Vuitton, in a video posted last month.

The video, uploaded to Xiaohongshu on July 10, shows Ming, 33, displaying the tiny bags one by one in front of the camera.

Dior sparks appropriation backlash in China for skirt that resembles ancient wraparound garment

  • Fashion label Dior was accused by Chinese state media of cultural appropriation for allegedly basing the design of its recently launched skirt on the Chinese horse-face skirt, a wraparound garment originating from the 10th century Song dynasty.
  • Called the “ma mian qun,” the skirt features pleated fabric on both sides and became popularly worn by women during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties.
  • “The so-called Dior silhouette is very similar to the Chinese horse-face skirt. When many details are the same, why is it shamelessly called a ‘new design’ and ‘hallmark Dior silhouette’?” an opinion piece from state-run outlet People’s Daily read.
  • A description on Dior’s Hong Kong site described the clothing item as a “flared skirt” with “pleated style” as “a hallmark Dior silhouette, the mid-length skirt is updated with a new elegant and modern variation.”
  • Currently priced at HK$30,000 (approximately $3,820) at the brand’s physical stores in Hong Kong, the Dior skirt has since been marked as “sold out” on the Hong Kong site and taken off the mainland China site.

A Chinese state-run media platform has accused French luxury label Dior of cultural appropriation for allegedly basing the design of its recently launched skirt on a piece of ancient Chinese clothing. 

According to the People’s Daily, the mid-length skirt Dior branded as its “hallmark silhouette” has a striking similarity to the Chinese horse-face skirt, a wraparound garment originating from the 10th century Song dynasty.

Singaporean TikToker goes on Dior shopping spree after salesperson ignored her mom for looking ‘poor’

  • A TikToker went on a Dior shopping spree after her mother returned from the store and explained that a Dior sales associate neglected her for looking “poor.”
  • The sales associate reportedly refused to show the woman’s mother the products she was looking for and “left her standing there” while assisting another family.
  • The TikToker and her mother went back to the store the next day where she and her mother purchased multiple items and were helped by a different associate.
  • The TikToker claimed that the sales associate who her mother originally encountered approached their current sales associate and sarcastically said “congratulations.”

A Singaporean woman and her mother went on a shopping spree at a Dior boutique after her mother said she was disrespected by a sales associate who disregarded her for dressing “poor.”

Amjea, also known as @nahtyourbby on TikTok, shared a video on May 17 where she explained that her mother returned from a Dior store empty-handed after a sales associate “left her standing there” and “refused to show her the things she was asking for.”

‘We respect Chinese people’s feelings’: Dior and fashion photographer apologize for controversial photo

dior chen man

French luxury brand Dior and Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man have apologized for the controversial photo of a Chinese woman that has since been removed from a Shanghai exhibit.

The apology: In a post on Weibo on Tuesday, Chen, 41, said that she reflected on the backlash she received in the past weeks and that she was “immature and ignorant,” according to South China Morning Post.

Dior Accused of Cultural Appropriation For Native American-Inspired Fragrance With ‘Oriental Tones’

Dior has been caught in the midst of another cultural appropriation scandal for their use of Native American cultural imagery as well as their use of the term “oriental” to describe their fragrance “Sauvage.”

The new Dior Sauvage, le Parfum – Stories behind the creation (part 1) 🔥#JohnnyDepp #DiorSauvage