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100-million-year-old dinosaur footprints discovered at restaurant in China

  • A restaurant in China’s Sichuan province was found to house footprints of two sauropods that lived in the Early Cretaceous period more than 100 million years ago.
  • The sauropods — specifically brontosauruses — were most likely around 8 meters (approximately 26.25 feet) in length, according to a team of paleontologists from the China University of Geosciences.
  • A diner with an interest in paleontology reportedly discovered the “special dents” in the restaurant’s courtyard on July 10.
  • The site has since been surrounded by fences, and the restaurant’s owner might construct a shed for further protection.

A restaurant in southwestern China has become a site of natural history after a diner spotted dinosaur footprints in the establishment’s courtyard last week.

Located in Leshan, Sichuan province, the restaurant officially houses footprints of two sauropods that lived during the Early Cretaceous period more than 100 million years ago, a team from the China University of Geosciences confirmed.

70-million-year-old dinosaur baby unearthed in China is one of the best-preserved fossils ever found

baby dinosaur egg

A dinosaur embryo perfectly curled up in its fossilized egg was analyzed by a team of researchers in southeastern China.

The rundown: The fossil, estimated to be between 72 and 66 million years old, belonged to an oviraptorosaur — a beaked, toothless and omnivorous theropod that existed during the Cretaceous Period of what are now Asia and North America. Researchers published their findings in the journal iScience.

Scientists Discover New Chicken-like Dinosaur in China

A new feathered dinosaur which looks very much like the modern day chicken was recently discovered in China.

The newly discovered species, dubbed “Jianianhualong tengi”, reportedly existed during the Cretaceous period about 125 million years ago. A group of paleontologists found a well-preserved fossil of a three-foot long specimen of the species in Baicai Gou, Liaoning Province in China.