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Drivers Engage in ‘Action-Packed’ Fistfight During Traffic Jam in Hong Kong

Two drivers in Hong Kong squared off in an impromptu fistfight in the middle of a busy highway after cutting each other off on Saturday.

Dashcam footage of the action-packed squabble emerged online showing the driver of a truck exiting his vehicle along Kwun Tong Bypass near Ngau Tau Kok to confront the driver of a Mercedes-Benz, reports South China Morning Post.

NY Woman Tries to ‘Save’ Parking Space By Standing in It, Refuses to Move for Actual Cars

flushing parking

A woman was recently caught via dashcam footage standing guard over a parking spot and refusing to leave even though a car was rightfully trying to claim the space.

In the footage posted on Facebook by Nicholas Chew, a car is seen attempting to drive into an empty parking space inside a packed garage in Flushing, Queens when, suddenly, a woman blocks the car by standing in the spot.