NY Woman Tries to ‘Save’ Parking Space By Standing in It, Refuses to Move for Actual Cars

NY Woman Tries to ‘Save’ Parking Space By Standing in It, Refuses to Move for Actual Cars
Ryan General
March 13, 2018
A woman was recently caught via dashcam footage standing guard over a parking spot and refusing to leave even though a car was rightfully trying to claim the space.
flushing parking In the footage posted on Facebook by Nicholas Chew, a car is seen attempting to drive into an empty parking space inside a packed garage in Flushing, Queens when, suddenly, a woman blocks the car by standing in the spot.
flushing parking
Refusing to allow the car to take the free space, she insisted that she save the spot for her father, who would show up any minute in a Blue Compass jeep.
flushing parkingSeeing that there was no jeep in the vicinity, the driver asked the woman to move so he can park his car.
“Are you serious?” Chew asked. “This is a car parking space, not a woman parking space, get out of here!”
As he started honking his horn, another woman, believed to be the woman’s mother, arrived and stood beside her in the parking spot.
flushing parking When the jeep eventually did show up, it reportedly came up close to the driver’s car “as if it was going to intimidate me to leave.”
A YouTube video that includes subtitles can be found here.
“I’m sure we’ve all had our share of standing in spots hoping to save it for someone, but if another car gets there first, we don’t act like little, entitled children like these two,” the driver wrote on his post.
He added that he posted the video to ask if anyone knew the women to please “point them to this video.”
flushing parking
While it was not shown how the argument was settled, Chew wrote that he chose to park in another space offered by a stranger.
“I left because the woman who came at the end offered to give the women her spot because she saw that there were a lot of poor souls stuck behind us because of this situation (there’s no space to go around). I knew that they, being the idiots that they are, would not leave this spot. So I sucked it up and decided to take the high road and take the woman’s spot and go enjoy my dim sum while they remain the miserable fucks that they probably are. If there wasn’t a giant line of innocent bystander cars stuck because of us, I definitely would not have moved.”
Images via FaceBook / Nicholas Chew
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