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Report: Low-income Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders among those most negatively impacted by the pandemic


Low-income American Indian or Native Alaskan, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander households were among those who suffered the most negative economic impacts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, a recent national study found. 

Bearing the brunt: According to the Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) analysis of National COVID Surveys, members of American Indian, Alaskan Native, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AIAN/H/PI) communities, along with Black and Hispanic demographics, suffered the highest percentage of job loss and health issues among all reporting ethnic groups in the United States.

5 Ways to Get Your Confidence Back After COVID Lockdowns

Feeling a bit less confident than you used to be? According to Cosmetic Business, a British survey discovered that 20% of respondents report feeling less confident now than they were before the pandemic. It could be due to months of social distancing, working from home, being in quarantine, or general stress, but the feeling seems fairly common. 

In fact, AdCare, an addiction-recovery website, has reported similar results in America. The worst state for low self-esteem caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is Nebraska, with 42% of respondents saying they felt lower self-esteem during the pandemic. Additional state numbers include:

7 places and activities in California that will soon require COVID vaccination

Since our world was rocked by the outbreak of the pandemic, one thing is clear – we have a new normal ahead of us.

Especially with the risk of the more recent Delta variant (and others that may follow) looming on the horizon, it’s only becoming more important and necessary to get vaccinated in California, whether it’s for your own personal safety or to protect those around you.

Asian and Black People the Most Likely to Get COVID-19, Meta-Study Finds


Asian and Black people have a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 than White people, according to a meta-study published on Thursday.

Researchers from the Universities of Leicester and Nottingham, with support from the U.K.’s National Institute for Health Research, screened 1,500 studies before focusing on 50 that documented records of about 19 million coronavirus patients in the U.S. and the U.K.

68% of Asian Americans in California Now Fear They are Targets of Racism, Surveys Reveal

A series of surveys revealed that members of the Asian American community are wary of both race relations and the COVID-19 situation in the United States.

What the surveys were about: A coalition of nonprofit organizations looked into viewpoints from different ethnic groups about the current pandemic, systemic racism, as well as the policies pertaining to them.