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China Ends Service That Lets You Pay People to Get Drunk For You

Just two weeks after launching a service that lets users find people to drink alcohol for them, a Chinese company decided to cease operations over regulation concerns.

Founded in 2011, eDaijia, based in Beijing, introduced eDaihe, which means “to drink on behalf of,” on Dec. 28, 2017. The service allows users to find surrogate drinkers based on location and drinking capacity as well as their personal introduction.

Meet the Man Behind Hong Kong’s First $1 Billion ‘Unicorn’ Startup

When Steven Lam encountered the difficulty of finding delivery vans for his first venture in 2010, he stumbled upon a new business opportunity that would eventually become Hong Kong’s first “unicorn” startup.

Lam came up with the idea for his on-demand van hire service GoGoVan, after he and his business partners found that it was almost impossible to immediately find a delivery van that could transport items for their business whenever they needed to.

China is Cracking Down On Ridiculously Long Company Names

Chinese companies are now no longer allowed to use ridiculously long names after the government made it illegal to register “weird” names last Saturday.

As indicated in a section of the 33 guidelines set by the China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce, outlandish company names such as  “宝鸡有一群怀揣着梦想的少年相信在牛大叔的带领下会创造生命的奇迹网络科技有限公司” which translates to “There Is a Group of Young People With Dreams, Who Believe They Can Make the Wonders of Life Under the Leadership of Uncle Niu Internet Technology Co. Ltd.” will now be banned. The 39-character name of a condom-making Chinese firm went viral earlier this year on Chinese social media.

Shocking Video Shows Employees in China Forced to Drink Toilet Water As Punishment

Shocking footage of Chinese employees drinking toilet water shows how brutal some companies in China can be. While many companies merely warn their workers for not reaching their quotas, one photography studio in Guang’an punishes them instead.

According to Shanghaiist, the Chinese employees were being punished for poor performance and not reaching their quotas. In the video, the male employee is seen filling his plastic cup with water from a squat toilet as he took a long pause before forcibly downing the filthy liquid.