Shocking Video Shows Employees in China Forced to Drink Toilet Water As Punishment

Shocking Video Shows Employees in China Forced to Drink Toilet Water As Punishment
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
August 3, 2017
Shocking footage of Chinese employees drinking toilet water shows how brutal some companies in China can be. While many companies merely warn their workers for not reaching their quotas, one photography studio in Guang’an punishes them instead.
According to Shanghaiist, the Chinese employees were being punished for poor performance and not reaching their quotas. In the video, the male employee is seen filling his plastic cup with water from a squat toilet as he took a long pause before forcibly downing the filthy liquid.
The next scene shows a distressed female employee placing the cup of toilet water on her lips but its repulsive nature made her pull-back on reflex. Unfortunately, upon realizing that there’s no turning back from her situation, the female worker regrettably downs the putrid toilet water as well.
In addition, both employees are seen wearing their company ID’s during the punishment, making it seem like they’re willing to do that much for the company’s sake. While the punishment might be over, its effects on the female worker still lingers as she’s reported to have suffered from diarrhea stemming from the ordeal.
The Chinese employee even had trouble eating rice without feeling the urge to throw up. However, it appears that the punished workers aren’t the only ones regretting their actions since the person who captured the video is now in deep trouble with the law.
The local police have arrested the person responsible for filming the shocking video and was also placed on 4-day detention. As for the clip itself, it was originally intended to stay within the boundaries of the company’s WeChat group. The video was distributed among employees in an attempt to help “motivate” them in their work.
Fortunately for the victims, the shocking clip was leaked and became viral which helped draw attention towards the Chinese company’s ill practices.
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