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NBA star Zion Williamson credits ‘Naruto’ for career, life inspiration

  • New Orleans Pelicans power forward Zion Williamson opened up about his love for “Naruto” and how its anime adaptation has served as both life and career inspiration.
  • “For a while, nobody took Naruto seriously,” Williamson explained during a panel about “Naruto” at San Diego Comic-Con last month, as reported by GQ. “And then he went and trained with [shinobi] Jiraiya for three years, right? And he came back at 16 years old, goated.”
  • “Naruto,” a manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto, was first released in 1999 and follows the story of the titular character who dreams of becoming the strongest ninja in his village. The manga received an anime adaptation in 2002.
  • The 22-year-old NBA star first watched an episode of “Naruto” when he was 5 years old.
  • Williamson shared near the end of the panel that despite all the backlash he has received over the past year, he will continue to pursue what he loves, stating, “No matter what the world is saying, I have to remember that I am who I am and stay true to that. That’s what Naruto did, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

New Orleans Pelicans power forward Zion Williamson recently opened up about his love for “Naruto” while participating in a panel at San Diego Comic-Con in July.

Williamson, 22, shared that the story of Naruto, the titular character of the popular manga and anime series, resonated with him when he was a child, as reported by GQ. This connection became even more apparent after he started being coached by Lee Anderson, his stepfather, in basketball.

Comic-Con sparks backlash, debate over use of controversial term ‘Filipinx’

  • San Diego Comic-Con International drew criticism online over the use of the controversial term “Filipinx” as an alternative to “Filipino” on their social media posts.
  • The term reportedly trended on Twitter Philippines, with many social media users telling the public, specifically the U.S. and Filipino Americans, to stop referring to Filipinos as “Filipinx” because “Filipino” is already a gender-neutral term.
  • Many Filipinos believe the term “Filipinx” imposes a Western intervention on the Tagalog language which already demonstrates gender-neutrality. Thus, the term “Filipinx” is seen as useless and offensive.
  • However, the controversial term “Filipinx” remains a self-identifier used by many Filipino Americans, many of whom believe that the term rejects a post-colonial identity given by colonizers and provides Filipinos a choice in self-expression.

Comic-Con International drew criticism online over the use of the controversial term “Filipinx” on their social media posts.

San Diego Comic-Con International (SDCC), a convention dedicated to celebrating the history and culture of comic books, held their annual event this year from July 21 to 24.

Pokémon x Squishmallows collaboration unveiled at San Diego Comic Con

  • A collaboration between Squishmallows and The Pokémon Company made its debut at San Diego Comic Con 2022, and first-look images of the latest line are here.
  • Pokémon’s global brand manager at the Squishmallow company Jazwares, Aaron Margolin, posted images of Pikachu and Gengar Squishmallows on Twitter.
  • The Pokémon Squishmallows will launch on sometime in the fall, though neither company has released information on the pricing.
  • Depending on size, prices for Squishmallows can range between $3 for the smallest options to up to $60 for larger options.

Pokémon Squishmallows are here, and we gotta squish ‘em all. 

A collaboration between Squishmallows and The Pokémon Company made its debut at San Diego Comic Con 2022. Squishmallows teased fans about the release on Twitter early in the day on Wednesday before first-look images were shared online. 

Little Girl Breaks Down in Tears After Meeting Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot just made a young girl’s day by giving her a warm welcome at a meet-and-greet event. A young fan approached the 32-year-old actress while wearing a full Wonder Woman getup.

However, once the little girl was finally in front of the actress, she starts to get overwhelmed with emotion as she begins to tear up. According to Upworthy, Gadot comforted the fan telling her “there’s no reason to cry, here we are together.”

Tokyo’s Comic-Con Bans Men From Dressinng As Female Characters

San Diego’s Comic-Con International is bringing Western comicdom to Tokyo, Japan, however one particular cosplay subculture may not feel welcome. When the geekfest commences this December, Tokyo Comic-Con organizers are looking to impose some new rules which includes not allowing men to cosplay as female characters, among others.

From Dec. 2 to 4, Chiba’s Makuhari Messe will be hosting the inaugural Tokyo Comic-Con, which will focus mainly on American fantasy and sci-fi franchises, RocketNews24 reported.

‘Chewbacca Mom’ is Now Charging $20 Per Selfie At Comic-Con

Candace Payne, the “Chewbacca Mom” who nearly broke the internet with a video she posted of herself trying on a Chewbacca mask, is reportedly making good money from her newfound fame.

In the recently concluded Fan Expo Dallas 2016, Payne had her own booth next to “Game of Thrones” actor Jack Gleeson (King Joffrey) where fans could pose for selfies with her and purchase her autograph for $20. She also got to meet the Peter Mayhew, the actor who plays Chewbacca in the Star Wars films, for the first time during the event.