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Indian-American Cornell Student Receives Threats on Campus for Being a Conservative

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A senior undergraduate student at Cornell University has been getting threats after sharing her conservative views on TV last year.

In an essay posted on The College Fix, Neetu Chandak said that her comments on “Fox and Friends” criticizing the description of a college course called “America Confronts the World” for its anti-Trump and pro-Obama rhetoric attracted threats on her life. She claimed that she was constantly harassed to the point that she feared leaving her apartment and finally sought therapy.

Teenager Makes $2,000 a Month Sending Sexy Snapchats to Strangers

A 19-year-old college student found a lucrative gig sending sexy Snapchats to strangers on Snapchat Premium while her boyfriend made a documentary of it.

After losing her job as a server at PF Chang’s, Hannah Weiiss signed up for Snapchat Premium and began charging subscribers to see her snaps. The student from Long Beach, California claims to have made $2,000 in the span of a month on the social media platform.