Teenager Makes $2,000 a Month Sending Sexy Snapchats to Strangers

Teenager Makes $2,000 a Month Sending Sexy Snapchats to Strangers
Editorial Staff
August 22, 2016
A 19-year-old college student found a lucrative gig sending sexy Snapchats to strangers on Snapchat Premium while her boyfriend made a documentary of it.
After losing her job as a server at PF Chang’s, Hannah Weiiss signed up for Snapchat Premium and began charging subscribers to see her snaps. The student from Long Beach, California claims to have made $2,000 in the span of a month on the social media platform.
In order to access her photos and videos, her followers send money via Snapcash, Paypal and Google Wallet. She receives the payments instantaneously through these electronic transactions.
Weiss, who goes by the name @hollabackhannnah on Instagram, claims she made $10 an hour waitressing at the Chinese restaurant. On Snapchat Premium, she says she makes closer to $100 an hour while working from the comfort of her own living room.
Her boyfriend, Jesse Willesee, is supportive of Weiiss’ business venture and even filmed a mini video documentary on Instagram discussing the nature of her work. Willesee, 29, is a self-proclaimed “conceptual artist” and the nephew of Australian ABC News TV reporter Mike Willesee.
In his eight-part documentary titled “Premium,” Willesee speaks about the general attitudes towards sex and the repercussions his girlfriend has faced for her work. He said in the video:
“The question I’m most often asked is ‘Why do you let Hanna do this?”  It’s a question that is vastly more offensive than how she earns her money.
“Hanna’s body is her own and her choices are her own. The only shame or fear she feels is inflicted on her by society that is still uncomfortable with sex and doubly uncomfortable with women profiting from their own sexuality. Yet, women’s sexuality is already treated as a commodity. Why are we so scared that they’ll take that power …”
Willesee, who has been dating Weiiss for three months, suggests that more students may sign up for Snapchat Premium given the accessibility of the app. He commented:
“Snapchat has a feature called Snapcash. They claim it is an easy and instant way for friends to send money, but what it is quickly becoming is a way for people to monetize nudes.
“I couldn’t help but think with America’s minimum wage so low and college tuition so high… how many students out there will be getting a Snapchat premium instead of a part time job.”
While Weiiss struggled to pay rent and tuition with her income from PF Chang’s, she isn’t worried about being able to cover it with Snapcash from her new job. She has no moral problems with her line of work, but the teenager is aware that society doesn’t view it the same way.
Weiiss said in the video:
“It’s a bit empowering actually you know. I kind of like the fact that maybe what I’m doing is not what people think is right, but i think it’s okay and I’m comfortable with what I’m doing so it shouldn’t matter.”
The 19-year-old believes the majority of her subscribers on Premium are “a bit lonely.” She also reveals that she receives around 40 or more “dick pics” a day. Among the people who disapprove of her Snapchat Premium gig is her mother.
Weiiss, who can be seen crying in the video, shows a picture of herself as a child drinking from a juice box. She said:
“My mom has been attacking me all day.”
Even so, Weiiss isn’t discouraged from continuing sending snaps. She said:
“It’s what I want to do and I feel confident enough to do it. It makes me upset that they’re not accepting.”
Willesee’s work has recently been gaining coverage, but he believes some have misconstrued the purpose of his documentary and turned “a sex positive artwork into something negative.” He expressed his disappointment in a post on Instagram:
“The idea that I’m ‘teaching’ anyone how to use this service defies the purpose of a documentary — and that’s to document real life. This is Hannah’s real life, and mine, not an instructional video. I do make it clear I have no objections to consenting adults expressing or profiting from their sexuality.”
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