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Greek Model Arrested for Smuggling $307,000 of Cocaine in Hong Kong

An unnamed female Greek model was recently arrested by Hong Kong authorities after custom officials discovered she was in possession of 2.6 kilograms of cocaine reportedly worth $2.4 million Hong Kong dollars (more than $307,233).

The cocaine was discovered by authorities inside the 19-year-old’s rucksack tucked in a false compartment. She was immediately apprehended at the Hong Kong International Airport on Monday, according to an official report released by the government.

Meet The Man Who Went To Tijuana To Kill Himself But Was Saved By Cocaine And Hookers

Back in 2014, the internet was graced with the tale of a man who went to Tijuana, Mexico looking to end his miserable life but instead found redemption after being introduced to cocaine and hookers and decided to continue living in the end.

The man, who can only be identified as redditor plzsendhalp, first told of his incredible, raunchy and inspiring story on reddit. Recently, the gentleman, who is in fact still alive, sent an exclusive and very detailed timeline to PostGradProblems of his ordeal.

These Vintage Cocaine Ads Remind Us How Insane the ’70s Were

An Imgur gallery of cocaine paraphernalia advertisements went viral today on Reddit. The gallery consists of several posters of tools for the once extremely popular drug.

Today, the prominent drug is marijuana with the legalization of the plant in several states and smoke shops set up just about every half block, but in the late 70s and throughout the 80s, the beast on the streets was cocaine.