Thai father foils international drug smugglers’ attempt to use his daughter as courier

Thai father foils international drug smugglers’ attempt to use his daughter as courier
via CNA Insider
Michelle De Pacina
By Michelle De Pacina
January 3, 2024
A Thai father foiled an attempt by an international drug smuggling syndicate to use his daughter, Pornratchakwan Pheeraruengrit, as a courier. 
Pornratchakwan’s delivery service: Pornratchakwan, who is studying in Australia, made plans to visit Thailand during her school break in mid-January. To make her journey more worthwhile, Pornratchakwan revealed her plan on social media and her intention to offer a delivery service for individuals in Australia interested in obtaining products from Thailand. 
The syndicate’s request: One of her requests came from a Lao man, who offered her 3,500 baht ($101) to transport seat cushions to Australia, according to The Thaiger. The student’s father, Borommawat, received the package on her behalf when it arrived at their residence in the Bang Kasor district in Nonthaburi province on Jan. 1. 
 The investigation: However, Borommawat raised suspicions due to the excessive weight of a package supposedly containing cushions. He contacted the police for assistance in opening it. Upon inspection, they discovered two envelopes addressed to the National Anti-Corruption Commission offices with official documents inside. This raised more concerns as such documents are not typically sent that way, prompting further investigation. 
Busted: Borommawat and the police found that the 15 seat cushions in the box concealed 7.5 kilograms of cocaine each, exposing a drug smuggling attempt. Fortunately for Pornratchakwan, the timely intervention prevented her from unknowingly smuggling drugs and facing charges. Currently, law enforcement is carrying out an investigation into the package and the individuals responsible for the drug shipment.
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