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NextShark Launches ‘Yeet Hay’ Shirts To Relive Your Cantonese Childhood

“Don’t eat that! It’s yeet hay!”

If you grew up in a Chinese household, odds are this has been yelled at you while you’re eating something that probably tastes great but isn’t great for you.

Yeet hay, which translates to “hot air” in Cantonese, refers to foods that cause inflammation such as greasy, fried, and spicy foods or the feeling one gets after eating those kinds of food.

7 Great Clothing Shops for Petite Women You Need To Check Out Right Now

Summer is nearly upon us, meaning it’s officially time to stock up on those dresses, skirts, shorts, etc. — whatever you’re into.

While in the wintertime we can layer up and hide in our baggy sweaters, during the warmer seasons it becomes harder to pick out petite-friendly outfits. For all those Asians girls out there under 5’3”, there’s no need to settle for those ill fitting mini dresses that always seem to hit at a midi length. Here are some of the best petite clothing brands on the market if your frumpy wardrobe is in need of a desperate facelift.

Why North Korea is Now Exporting Clothes to China

After United Nations Security Council imposed its latest sanctions on North Korea earlier this year, Q2 figures showed that the country shifted to exporting clothing — instead of coal — to China.

According to the data sourced from Chinese Customs, garments accounted for $147.5 million, or 38%, of the total goods China imported from North Korea, which amounted to $385.2 million. Three months earlier, the figure was significantly lower at $120 million.

How Two Penniless Korean Immigrants Launched an Apparel Empire Now Worth Billions

This is a story about success; this is about how Do Won “Don” Chang and his wife, Jin Sook, immigrated from Korea to California with nearly nothing, how Chang had to hold down three demeaning jobs at the same time to support his family, and how the couple finally opened up their first clothing store.

Three decades later, their then small-scale entrepreneurial venture has blossomed into a coveted international brand with 600 stores worldwide bringing in around $4.4 billion in sales each year.