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New ‘Street Fighter 6’ gameplay trailer showcases return of Chun Li, now voiced by an Asian actor

  • Japanese video game developer and publisher Capcom revealed a new trailer for the upcoming game “Street Fighter 6” at the PlayStation State of Play event on Thursday.
  • The gameplay trailer revealed a new voice actor behind Chun-Li, who has been replaced by Filipino American voice actor Jennie Kwan.
  • The game will have a larger focus on story elements and includes returning fighters such Chun-Li, Ryu and Luke.
  • “Street Fighter,” which first debuted in 1987 in Japanese arcades, is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.
  • “Street Fighter 6” will be released sometime in 2023 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC through Steam.

Capcom revealed a new gameplay trailer for upcoming game “Street Fighter 6” at the Playstation State of Play event on Thursday, and it shows off Chun Li, now voiced by a new actor, Jennie Kwan.

The “Street Fighter” franchise first debuted in Japanese arcades in 1987 and is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. 

Ladybeard and Japanese Idol Reika Saiki Team Up for Chun-Li Cosplay

Ladybeard and Japanese muscle idol Reika Saiki have recently teamed up to cosplay Chun-Li, the female martial artist and Interpol officer from the hit fighting game “Street Fighter.”

Ladybeard, an Australian stunt actor whose real name is Richard Magarey, is a professional wrestler and entertainer in Japan. In case you didn’t know, he used to lend his metal growl for the two-member idol group Ladybaby in the past.

E-Sports Star Gets Friendzoned by ‘Chun-Li’, Netizens Come to His Rescue

A Chinese-American e-sports star, who recently failed at a “hand heart” gesture attempt in a photo op with a Chun-Li cosplayer, received some help from netizens.

Professional e-sports fighting game player Justin Wong, aka JWong, recently scored a photo op with popular cosplayer and model Rose Ma, who was dressed as Street Fighter character Chun-Li at the recently held Evo 2017 Championship Series in Las Vegas, Nevada.