E-Sports Star Gets Friendzoned by ‘Chun-Li’, Netizens Come to His Rescue

E-Sports Star Gets Friendzoned by ‘Chun-Li’, Netizens Come to His RescueE-Sports Star Gets Friendzoned by ‘Chun-Li’, Netizens Come to His Rescue
A Chinese-American e-sports star, who recently failed at a “hand heart” gesture attempt in a photo op with a Chun-Li cosplayer, received some help from netizens.
Professional e-sports fighting game player Justin Wong, aka JWong, recently scored a photo op with popular cosplayer and model Rose Ma, who was dressed as Street Fighter character Chun-Li at the recently held Evo 2017 Championship Series in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
Wong attempted to make the picture more adorable by posing with the hand heart gesture.
In the photo, Wong can be seen smiling for the camera as he held out his arm and used his hand to form the half of a heart. To complete the symbol of love, Ma, of course, would have to follow suit.
Ma, however, refused to give in and instead flashed a more friendly gesture — a thumbs-up sign.
In a later tweet, she even posted the photo with the message “Friend zone.” 
Wong made an appeal but to no avail.
According to SoraNews24, Japanese Twitter user @RyuUltra saw the unfortunate photo and retweeted it along with another failed Chun-Li hand heart photo-op, this time with JWong’s nemesis, Daigo Umehara.
However, in Umehara’s case, it was the model who attempted to form the heart.
To help get Wong’s half heart fixed, @RyuUltra then posted a tweet: “I feel really bad for Justin, so can someone Photoshop these?”
Netizens happily obliged and tried to “fix” Wong’s photo with some Photoshop magic. Most of the submissions, while far from what Wong might prefer, were hilarious.
One user simply removed Ma from the photo and pitted the e-sports stars. Still, the heart is incomplete.
Full heart, but still no Ma in sight.
Looks lovely, but where’s Wong?
Okay. Let’s try again, please.
Two thumbs up is good but, we can’t see Wong here.
This is just scary.
It took a while, but someone actually fixed the photo in the end.  
Wong, who has won more Evolution Championship Series titles than anyone else with nine victories under his belt, took the whole thing in jest and even retweeted some of the funny pics.
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