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The Guardian Under Fire For Racism After Using ‘Chinks’ in Football Match Coverage

Earlier today, Australia defeated China 3-0 in a friendly women’s football game in Melbourne. The Guardian covered the event live on their website — all was well until they published their final update.

A part of the text, written by Mike Hynter, sports editor of Guardian Australia, reads, “a few chinks at the back aside, they gave no indication that China could get into the game, despite the visitors’ clear talent in their ranks.”

Ex-ESPN Journalist Who Wrote Racist Jeremy Lin Headline is Becoming a Priest

Former ESPN journalist Anthony Federico‘s life became a living nightmare after he made the headline “Chink in the Armor” about NBA star Jeremy Lin in 2012, but he later realized it was a crucial part of his path to becoming a priest. 

The controversial headline unsurprisingly garnered heavy criticism from netizens who labeled the 33-year-old as a racist. After realizing his horrifying mistake, Federico felt so bad that he had to go the bathroom to hurl, according to Washington Post.

Bill Maher Called Me a Chink, But He Apologized for Using the N-Word

I felt a sense of deja vu hearing about Bill Maher being taken to task for saying “nigger” on his “Real Time With Bill Maher” HBO series, which aired on June 2nd. You see, I debated Sarah Silverman on Maher’s previous talk show incarnation — ABC’s “Politically Incorrect“ — on August 22, 2001, talking about her use of “chink” in a joke. And the second topic was: Can non-Blacks get away with saying “nigga?”  

Check out this video at the 14:24 mark: