Racist Vandals Spray-Paint ‘Chink’ on Hmong Family’s Garage Door in Minnesota

Racist Vandals Spray-Paint ‘Chink’ on Hmong Family’s Garage Door in MinnesotaRacist Vandals Spray-Paint ‘Chink’ on Hmong Family’s Garage Door in Minnesota
Khier Casino
February 15, 2017
A family of Hmong descent who just moved from Saint Paul, Minnesota to a suburb in Oakdale was the target of racist vandalism after the words, including “chink”, were spray painted across their garage door.
Photos of the vandalism were posted to Facebook on Sunday by TL Xiong, whose post has been shared more than 1,300 times and 3,200 reactions.
The culprits were either in a rush or couldn’t spell because the words “Suck my bulls” were also spray painted onto one of their cars.
We don’t have words to describe how we feel. Its just like, wow,” said Linda Xiong, according to AsAmNews.
TL’s Facebook post reads: “I’ll catch you.. my neighbors or the community will.. my parents and siblings are the most kindest hearted people anyone who knows us can vouch for that. Minnesota has the existing racism that lives hundreds of years ago.. I guess you guys got lucky getting away.. but keep in mind that karma will get you.. we just moved in two months ago haven’t done anything wrong to anyone this is where 2017 starts..”
He later thanked friends and the neighborhood for helping clean up the mess and those who supported her and her family.
The Xiongs had moved to Oakdale two months ago to look “towards the future of buying a beautiful happy looking home in a lovely neighborhood that we truly believe we would’ve accomplished by living a better life style.
But this is the ugly truth,” he continued. “And it hurts to say this but we are not safe and we have to look it for one or another.. but this time around WE ALL have to acknowledge that RACISM has been going on more than hundreds of years before our grandparents, parents and now including my very own generation.
TL went on to say this is not the first time his parent’s property has been vandalized.
Oakdale police are also investigating another act of vandalism with the words “nice car” spray painted on the garage door of a nearby home.
Police Capt. Karin LaTour told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that spray painted vandalism happens “sporadically” in Oakdale, but racist graffiti is a rare sight.
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