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Chinese woman dresses up as an elderly person so her grandfather, 96, will recognize her in the afterlife

A Chinese woman wore makeup and clothes to make herself look older, so her 96-year-old grandfather will recognize her as an elderly woman when they meet in the afterlife.

Liang Tingting, 27, was raised by her grandparents in Zhangjiang of southern China’s Guangdong Province after her father died of uremia when she was 6 years old. Her grandparents initially farmed to support her education; however, due to financial difficulties, Liang ended up needing to work the rest of her childhood after finishing first grade.

China’s ‘Queen of the Claw Machine’ Spends $6,000 at Arcades to Win 7,000 Stuffed Animals

Ya Li, a 28-year-old woman from Qingyuan city in northern Guangdong province, China, owns around 7,000 stuffed toys that she won from claw machines, earning her the unofficial title of “Queen of the Claw Machine”.

At first, Ya wasn’t very interested in claw machines, until one day in 2016 when she saw a particularly cute stuffed toy that she wanted, according to Shanghaiist via Medium. So she tried her luck and eventually won the toy as a prize.

My New Year’s Resolution is to Embrace My Asian Heritage

theNotice Rae Chen

My New Year’s resolution for 2018, as I’ve been jokingly telling my friends and family for the past month, is to “be more Asian.” That’s an oversimplification, of course, but the intent is there. For the next 12 months, I’m focusing on different ways that I can embrace my Asian heritage through concrete goals.

In the spring of 2017, I visited China for the first time as an adult. It was an amazing, immersive, food-filled experience (have you ever had those deep fried mochi balls with taro filling? They’re divine), but it felt different to be there as an adult than it did as a child. Amidst all of these dynamic, accomplished people who looked like me … I found myself acutely lonely. 

Illinois Grad Student Faces the Death Penalty for Murder of Chinese Scholar

Federal prosecutors are seeking death penalty against Brendt Christensen, the University of Illinois Ph.D. candidate who is accused of kidnapping, torturing and killing YingYing Zhang, a visiting scholar from Nanping, China, last year.

United States prosecutors filed the notice on Friday in central Illinois with the U.S. District Court, according to NBC Chicago, citing that the alleged killing of the 26-year-old victim cruelly involved torture.

Woman Stopped From Boarding Plane When No One Can Recognize Her After Plastic Surgery

Chinese Plastic Surgery

A 28-year-old Chinese woman was reportedly barred from boarding a plane after failing to pass security check because her face and her ID didn’t look alike following a plastic surgery procedure.

The passenger, only identified by her surname Zhang, booked a flight from Chengdu to Shanghai on Sunday, according to Chengdu Business Daily, as translated by Shanghaiist via Medium. Unfortunately, her travel to Shanghai was put quickly on hold as airport security stopped her after she was informed that the airport’s facial recognition system failed to identify her face.

The Moment Asian American Woman Realizes Victim of Brutal Murder is Her Cousin

Editor’s Note: Kerry Yang is a family member of Caitlyn Xiong, a young woman who disappeared and subsequently died under mysterious circumstances. Yang and her family are looking for answers regarding Xiong’s death; they are accepting donations to cover funeral and justice-related expenses via their YouCaring page.

I first found out about my cousin’s disappearance from a random post one of my Facebook friends shared. It was one of those things people like to share without really thinking about who the subject was, and the prettier they were, the more it was likely to to be noticed. I did a double-take when I really looked at the picture because I realized I knew that missing girl. That girl was my family. I had just seen her at another family member’s birthday party last month. And here was this picture of her saying she was missing. I was dumbfounded that this was happening. This happened to other people, but not to us, and we hoped that perhaps it wasn’t true.

Chinese Woman Brutally Stabbed in the Head For Her Purse in London Street Robbery

Recently married Qing Qing Rao has remained in a persistent vegetative state since she was attacked by a male assailant near her home in Dagenham, east London.

The 30-year-old City employee was walking home from work when she was stabbed by Barry Peacham, 26, along a path in Castle Green Park, Mail Online reports. Peacham stole Rao’s handbag, mobile phone, and laptop computer after allegedly lodging a knife into her head and mutilating her. Rao was found lying unconscious on the path where she was attacked. The catastrophic injuries Rao suffered from the ruthless attack on February 13 has left her in the vegetative state which she may “extremely unlikely” ever to recover. Her family has contacted for the best representation for her case.

Missing Hmong Woman’s Body Found in River After Breakup With Boyfriend in Wisconsin

Caitlyn Pa Chia Xiong, a 20-year-old Hmong woman of Appleton, Wisconsin, has been confirmed dead after previously being reported missing since October 5. Her body was pulled from the Fox River on Saturday morning near Heesakker Park in Little Chute, according to WBAY.

The Outgamie County coroner’s office completed its autopsy report on Monday. They have yet to release their findings to the public.