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Grown Man Recreates Adorable Viral Video of Crying Kid’s Hilarious Dance

crying dancing girl

A content creator who goes by hijosh recently recreated the viral video the girl crying while dancing who, at the very young age of five, already has a firm grasp of showbiz professionalism with her “the show must go on” dedication.

Hijosh recreated the video with all of its details, including the furry dog costume, her dance steps, facial expressions, and even the background lighting effects. Just like the original video, which became viral earlier last month, the video creator and online personality’s take on the clip is also spreading like wildfire.

Giant Moon Terrorizes China’s Streets, Rolls Over Cars and People

A giant inflatable moon briefly became a social media sensation in China after causing a bit of a frenzy in the streets of Fuzhou as it rolled over cars around the roads and intersections in the area.

The giant air-filled ball was installed in front of Powerlong Shopping Mall in the Fujian capital, originally as part of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebration on Thursday, Buzzfeed reports.