Giant Moon Terrorizes China’s Streets, Rolls Over Cars and People

A giant inflatable moon briefly became a social media sensation in China after causing a bit of a frenzy in the streets of Fuzhou as it rolled over cars around the roads and intersections in the area.
The giant air-filled ball was installed in front of Powerlong Shopping Mall in the Fujian capital, originally as part of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival celebration on Thursday, Buzzfeed reports.
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Strong winds from impending Super-typhoon Meranti, however, blew the gigantic moon away, sending it over the busy streets to terrorize motorists on the road. Expected to be the strongest storm in the world this year so far, Meranti is set to make rainfall in China in the coming days.
While it could have been a terrifying sight for those in the streets who had no idea what was happening, it was admittedly funny to see a giant moon rolling over cars and pedestrians on the street.
A Weibo user caught the video of the great ball rolling about and posted it on the Chinese social site with the description (Translation from Buzzfeed):
“Drunk! The moon installation in front of the KFC at Fuzhou’s Powerlong Shopping Mall has been blown away by the typhoon! Powerlong had set up a giant moon and two rabbit balloons in front of its entrance to welcome the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival but hadn’t fixed it properly to the ground so the typhoon blew it away onto the road, and it just wouldn’t stop!”
The post went viral and it didn’t take long before netizens started uploading memes about the great lunar catastrophe.
The unfortunate incident left the Sept. 15 celebration without a giant moon decoration as the whereabouts of the runaway moon were never revealed. We are sure that everyone on the busy street, at least, had a ball.
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