Massive Cock That Looks Like Donald Trump Erected in China

Yes, that is in fact, a giant rooster that looks exactly like Donald Trump.
In China, a towering rooster statue resembling the likeness of U.S President-elect Donald Trump was recently built in anticipation of the upcoming Chinese Year of the Rooster.
The giant chicken, fashioned with the recognizable Trump hairstyle, was set up just outside a shopping mall in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. According to the sculpture’s designer, he applied not only the controversial president’s iconic hairstyle to the figure but also his gestures as well, People’s Daily reported.
Cao Mingliang, N1 ArtWalk Mall’s deputy director of the planning department, said that the firm that owns the mall paid for the massive rooster, which will become the mall’s mascot, according to CNN.
Mall patrons who wish to take home a mini Trump rooster may even purchase replicas from at least four stores that sell them inside the establishment. The miniature chicken Trumps are expected to be a bit pricey, with the cheapest costing around $57 while more expensive ones can cost as much as $1,739 per piece.
Impressive as it may seem, the Donald Chicken isn’t the only bird that looks like the new POTUS. Just last month, a Chinese golden pheasant became an internet sensation after photos of 5-year-old “Little Red,” who currently resides in the Hangzhou Safari Park, emerged online. Netizens were quick to point out the uncanny resemblance between the majestic golden-crested gamebird and Donald Trump’s hair.
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