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New Black Panthers ‘Fight’ Racism by Targeting Chinese Restaurants, Get Disowned by OG Black Panthers

An extremist hate group called the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) has returned to headlines for launching a nationwide boycott of “Chinese merchants,” one such protest targetted two local Chinese restaurants in Washington, D.C.

The protest was sighted by Mother Jones writer, Stephanie Mencimer, in front of “Yum’s II Chinese restaurant and Da Hong Pao Restaurant and Bar on 14th Street” who promptly took to Twitter on Tuesday to record and document the display.

‘Jaywalker’ Caught By China’s Facial Recognition AI Turns Out to Be a Bus Ad

china facial recognition

China doesn’t shy away publicly shaming citizens who commit traffic violations using its facial recognition artificial intelligence (AI) software on thousands of CCTV across the country.

China’s surveillance cameras suffered a glitch in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, when one of the street cameras captured a jaywalker at an intersection in Jiangxia Bridge East, according to Abacus News.