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‘Masterchef’ Judge Tries Cheese Tea From China and Lives to Tell the Tale

When you think of topping stuff with cheese, what delicious things pop into your head?  A juicy cheeseburger? Gooey nachos piled high? A slice of pizza with melty mozzarella? Or, maybe even piping hot poutine–that Canadian cult classic French fries snack crowned with squeaky cheese curds? Whatever you’re imagining, chances are it’s not cheese on tea, right? Because why? Well, based on a recent beverage craze out of China called cheese tea–yes, cheese tea–lots of people want it, and, judging from the hours long lines, they absolutely love it.

First off, what is cheese tea (or naigai cha in Chinese)? Essentially, it comprises of any chilled, flavored-tea, usually a milk tea (you know, the type that’s commonly swimming with tapioca pearls aka boba), and a thick cheese foam, which is the star of the show.