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Video Shows Chinese Manager Ruthlessly Spanking His Employees for Not Working Hard Enough

It’s not uncommon to hear of Chinese bosses forcing their employees into cruel and unusual situations, but the legacy continues with a punishing new video.

The video was reportedly taken during a company meeting of the Chinese Rural Bank. The bank manager spanks a group of workers with a paddle to publicly humiliate them in front of their colleagues for not working hard enough.

Chinese Workers Crawl on the Streets After Not Hitting Sales Numbers, Boss Says it was ‘Voluntary’

A video of Chinese employees groveling in the streets like animals has gone viral in China, particularly because their boss claimed it was “voluntary.”

The employees work for a car loan company in Jilin, China. Their boss explained to The Paper that his employees willingly chose to crawl through the streets after he himself threatened to.

Chinese Boss Has a Crafty Way to Catch His Workers on Their Phones During Work Hours

Employees at one Chinese company who were heavily fined on New Year’s for receiving their bonuses while at work should probably make a New Year’s resolution to find new jobs.

According to Taiwanese newspaper Want Daily, the Chinese company’s head honcho snared employees who used their cell phones while at work by sending them New Year’s bonuses through WeChat, a Chinese messaging app that informs senders of when a user has accepted money sent through the app.

Chick-fil-A Owner Who Had to Shut Down Restaurant For Five Months Still Paid His Workers

A Chick-fil-A owner recently had to shut down his restaurant for five months due to renovations, but what he announced to his employees beforehand is what shocked them most of all.

Jeff Glover is the owner of a Chick-fil-A store in Austin, Texas that employs 50 employees. Normally, a store closing would mean that the workers are out of their jobs for that entire period, but Glover had other ideas.

These are the Highest Rated CEOs of 2015

Glassdoor just released their annual list of the Highest Rated CEOs of 2015. CEOs of large companies (1000 employees or more) are rated by their employees on Glassdoor. Ratings for the top CEOs of small businesses (1000 employees or less) can be found here.

Rounding out the top five is Google’s co-founder Larry Page in first with a 97% approval rating, Nike CEO Mark Parker, Texas-based HEB grocery store CEO Charles Butt, Facebook’s very own Mark Zuckerberg, and Scott Scherr, CEO of Ultimate Software.

Drunk Boss Violently Yanks Employee’s Testicle During ‘Team Building’ Outing

A New Jersey man is one testicle short after a horrific business “team building” exercise and the actions of a drunk boss led to three failed testicle surgeries. This is the story of Michael Peacock (his real name!).

In 2012, Peacock, 45, worked for data security and storage company Iron Mountain Management. That July, Peacock’s boss, Richard Langtry, thought it would be brilliant to take his employees on a two-day “team-building” outing that would entail bar-hopping and a cruise on the Hudson in upstate New York.

Chinese Boss Threatens to Fine Employees For Not Attending Mother-in-Law’s Funeral

One ridiculous boss in Taizhou, China is being criticized for forcing his employees to attend his deceased mother-in-law’s funeral and threatening them with fines if they didn’t show up.

The company, Taizhou Jinyu Electrical and Mechanical Co., manufactures motors. Factory employees were forced to show up and required to wear a white shirt (which was at least provided by their boss) or face a 200 yuan fine — about $32. Most of the workers didn’t even know the lady.

How Your Boss is Stalking You on Social Media

If you think your social media life doesn’t have an impact on your job, well then you probably don’t have a job.

About 73% of job recruiters have hired a candidate through social media, and 93% of hiring managers review a candidate’s social media profiles before making a hiring decisions, according to a recent study from JobVite. That means that what you do on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can affect your livelihood.