Chinese Workers Crawl on the Streets After Not Hitting Sales Numbers, Boss Says it was ‘Voluntary’

A video of Chinese employees groveling in the streets like animals has gone viral in China, particularly because their boss claimed it was “voluntary.”
The employees work for a car loan company in Jilin, China. Their boss explained to The Paper that his employees willingly chose to crawl through the streets after he himself threatened to.
The boss explained that because the company didn’t reach their sales target, he, as their noble leader, would take responsibility and crawl through the streets like a baby. Allegedly, when his employees heard this, they graciously volunteered to crawl through the streets instead, presumably out of love for their boss.
On April 2 in the afternoon, a dozen men and women in business attire began to “fulfill their commitments!” By dropping to their knees and crawl onto the street as onlookers and one flag waver watched and walked with them.
Of course, their display of “love” was criticized on the internet as “severe brainwashing,” cruelty and unjust humiliation.
The boss actually followed up with the wave of criticism after the video went viral saying that he had no idea the story would go viral and only wanted to set a good example for his employees to follow.
On the plus side, he claims that company morale has gone up since the the humiliating exercise.
h/t: Shanghaiist
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