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Black Asian USC student faces backlash for advocating ‘Lunar New Year’ over ‘Chinese New Year’

Black Asian USC student receives backlash
  • Kiara Nguyen, a biracial Black and Vietnamese student at the University of Southern California, was accused of attempting “to erase the holiday’s Chinese origins” when she said “Chinese New Year” was incorrect in a post on the school’s Instagram account.
  • “I misspoke. What I was trying to explain was that Lunar New Year was an inclusive term. You wouldn’t say ‘Happy Chinese New Year’ to your non-Chinese Asian friends,” Nguyen said. “I want to be clear that if you are speaking to someone who is Chinese, calling it Chinese New Year would be correct.”
  • Other people also took offense when Nguyen claimed lì xì, the informal Cantonese name for the red envelopes given during Lunar New Year, was a Vietnamese term.
  • The senior USC student double majoring in psychology and NGOs and social change was reportedly subjected to hateful messages and racist remarks in the aftermath. Nguyen also received a threat in her email, saying she is now a “hot target to our whole Chinese group from the whole world.”
  • Nguyen also expressed that this would not have been an issue if she was not half Black, saying, “It’s always ‘Black people are playing the victim’ when they talk about injustices. It’s been… frustrating to see people denying the fact that I’m being called slurs and also denying my identity as an Asian woman. As a mixed race person, I’ve had to deal with the invalidation so often — I’m tired at this point.”

A Black Asian student from the University of Southern California found herself in hot water after many Chinese students expressed outrage over her Lunar New Year post on the university’s Instagram story earlier this month.

Kiara Nguyen, a senior USC student double majoring in psychology and NGOs and social change, was tapped by USC Communications to celebrate the beginning of Black History Month and Lunar New Year on Feb. 1 by creating social media posts, Daily Trojan reported, The posts would mark the first time in 19 years that the two occasions started on the same day.

18-year-old rapper JAE’roze Tate shares her Black Filipina experience on Tagalog-infused ‘Bla$ian’

"Bla$ian" rapper: Filipino African American JAE’roze Tate

Biracial rapper JAE’roze Tate talked with NextShark about Filipino American representation in the rap scene and the inspiration behind her music. 

The “Bla$ian” rapper: Filipino African American JAE’roze Tate is one of the latest young talents to hit the rap scene following the recent release of her album “BLA$IAN” at the beginning of the year.

7 Blasians to Celebrate During Black History Month (and Every Other Month)


We often overlook the Black members of our Asian communities; in our home countries, biracial people historically have been cast out, and darker skin is often seen as something to change or cover up. But over the years, as the world has globalized and ideas of race have slowly begun to change, many Black Asians have found success and represented their complex identities with the utmost grace.

Being that it is Black History Month, there can be no greater time to celebrate our Blasian stars with the important knowledge that their being Black makes them no less Asian, and their being Asian takes nothing from them being Black. Here are seven Blasians who have made waves in the past year or two through putting on for the culture: