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Why Ben Baller Wants Asians to Stop Being So ‘Soft’

If you only judge a book by its cover, then Ben Baller with his multiple tattoos, big diamond earrings and dark sunglasses is the epitome of a rebel with a mean attitude. But dig deeper, and you find a phenomenally driven, creative and outspoken Korean American who has succeeded in just about everything he’s tried.

Born in Los Angeles, California, Ben Baller, whose real surname is Yang, was the first Asian to play NCAA football and basketball. He was one of the only Asians working in the world of Rap and Hip Hop when Dr. Dre hired him as VP of A&R at Aftermath Records where Ben racked up 21 platinum album credits. Then in 2005, he jumped into the jewelry business creating elaborate, sometimes, over the top pieces for celebrities and VIPs including Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Tom Cruise.

Celebrity Jeweler Ben Baller Creates Diamond Soju Bottles For ‘Dongsaeng’ Jay Park

Ben Baller

Celebrity jeweler Ben Baller has created four special custom Soju bottles for singer Jay Park, a friend he considers “a true dongsaeng (younger sibling).”

In an Instagram post, the Korean-American “jeweler-to-the-stars” shared an image of one of the Soju bottles, along with a touching tribute to Park and his accomplishments and contributions to the music industry.

Ben Baller Threatens Lil Tay’s Dad’s ‘Job at Panda Express’ Over ‘Caillou Lookin Ass Boy’ Comment

Lil Tay, a.k.a. the “youngest flexer of the century,” is back at trolling Ben Yang, but this time she went after his facial features.

Also known as Ben Baller, the 45-year-old Korean-American jeweler and actor has had enough of the 9-year-old “lil turd” after she commented “Cailou lookin ass boy” under an Instagram photo of him and photographer and designer Bobby Kim.

Ben Baller Threatens to ‘Beat’ Lil Tay’s Parents For Not Raising Her Right

Korean-American jeweler and actor Ben Yang, who disapproved of the upcoming movie “Crazy Rich Asians,” now wants to give Lil Tay and her parents a piece of his mind after the 9-year-old rapper trolled the comments of his Instagram account.

The 45-year-old, also known as Ben Baller, posted a photo of himself posing inside a parked dark gray McLaren-Lamborghini in Monterey Park, California last week.