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Dad Makes Mind-Blowing DIY Games Out of Cardboard for His Kids

A father from Henan province, China has stunned viewers online for his creative functional toys made from everyday items such as cardboard boxes. 

The father, who has a following of more than 2.3 million on Chinese social media, said that he creates these toys so that kids would use their phones less as well in the hopes that they will cherish their childhood, according to South China Morning Post.

Chinese Father Makes Sick Daughter Attend School Open Day While She’s Attached to an IV Drip

Education is important to many parents — so much so that some would even go the extra mile to inspire their kids to aim for prestigious schools, like this father from northern China who took his daughter to an open school day despite her being attached to an IV drip.

The father and his 10-year-old daughter, whose names were not revealed, were spotted attending the annual event at the prestigious Hengshui Middle School in Hebei province on Saturday, according to Pear Video.

Filipino Dad Does the Most Wholesome Thing Ever to Help Daughter Get Over Stage Fright


A Filipino father is winning the hearts of many people online after performing in the audience to help guide his shy daughter on stage at one of her school’s events.

Rjay Tolentino, a 35-year-old father of four, is going viral after being filmed dancing to the Hula to help his daughter, 6-year-old Lyra Jaz, during her Festival of Talent performance under the kindergarten category in Pasig City, Philippines, on March 9.