Dad Makes Mind-Blowing DIY Games Out of Cardboard for His Kids

Dad Makes Mind-Blowing DIY Games Out of Cardboard for His Kids
Bryan Ke
August 8, 2019
A father from Henan province, China has stunned viewers online for his creative functional toys made from everyday items such as cardboard boxes. 
The father, who has a following of more than 2.3 million on Chinese social media, said that he creates these toys so that kids would use their phones less as well in the hopes that they will cherish their childhood, according to South China Morning Post.
Even as a child, the man loved to craft things, he said during the interview.
With his skills, the father never had to buy toys for his daughter. In fact, he said that he only bought her a few this year and that decision made a positive impact on her as her concentration has reportedly improved. She also gives her dad ideas on what to build next.
“After I finished many of these, she started suggesting ideas when she bottles, bottle caps, or cardboard to see if we could do something with the materials,” he said.
After finding that his inventions were a success, he started selling the toys he created online as DIY packages.
“My goal is to turn this into my career, to improve it,” he said. “More parents, those who love DIY, or those who don’t have time to be with their kids, can be influenced by the toys in some ways to spend more time with their children not just when they’re making or playing with the toys, but also during their daily lives.”
Images screenshots via YouTube / South China Morning Post
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