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Illinois signs law that would make it first state to require Asian American history lessons


Illinois will make history as the first state to officially require Asian American history lessons in the public school curriculum.

Setting a new standard: On Friday, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker signed the Teaching Equitable Asian American History Act (TEAACH Act), making it mandatory for public schools to include a unit studying the “events of Asian American history,” reported CNN.

Meet the Filipino American Civil Rights Icon Who Was Forgotten By History

Larry Itliong

Larry Itliong dreamed of becoming a lawyer when he immigrated to the United States as a teen in 1929. However, the circumstances of being a Filipino American worker at the time would eventually lead him to a higher calling.

Itliong started young in leading the fight for migrants’ labor rights during a tumultuous period in America, according to the Smithsonian. While a growing number of people recognize him now as a key figure of the Asian American movement, many are still unfamiliar with his story.