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Controversy erupts after ASU student confrontation over ‘Police Lives Matter’ sticker in multicultural space

Arizona State University Students Defending Multiculturalism

Two Arizona State University (ASU) students of color were found to have violated university policy after an exchange with two white students at the Tempe campus’ newly formed multicultural center went viral.

The students, Mastaani Qureshi and Sarra Tekola, who identify as Pakistani and Black respectively, responded to ASU’s investigation with a video, which gave their account of the events. 

9 Chinese Exchange Students Denied Entry to the U.S., Sent Back to China

Nine exchange students returning to Arizona State University from China were stopped and temporarily detained by Customs and Border Protection at Los Angeles International Airport.

University officials said in a statement on Friday that the Chinese students were “denied admission to the U.S. to continue their studies” and were sent back to China “over the last weekas they were returning for the fall semester.

ASU Student to Be Deported to China for Recording Women in Bathrooms

Former Arizona State University student and Chinese national, 22-year-old Zhang Xiaoyuan, is set to be deported back to China after he was convicted in January of felony voyeurism charges.

Zhang was spotted by two women walking out of a women’s restroom on ASU’s Tempe campus back in September, and they were able to quickly grab his phone away from him and wait until police arrived.