ASU Student to Be Deported to China for Recording Women in Bathrooms

ASU Student to Be Deported to China for Recording Women in Bathrooms
Khier Casino
March 31, 2017
Former Arizona State University student and Chinese national, 22-year-old Zhang Xiaoyuan, is set to be deported back to China after he was convicted in January of felony voyeurism charges.
Zhang was spotted by two women walking out of a women’s restroom on ASU’s Tempe campus back in September, and they were able to quickly grab his phone away from him and wait until police arrived.
He gave officers consent to search his phone, and the two women managed to identify others that the pervert had surreptitiously took photos and videos of, according to Shanghaiist.
Zhang admitted to officers through a Mandarin translator that he had recorded the women in the restroom because he has a “dirty mind.
Police were able obtain a warrant to further search the suspect’s phone, where they found other photos and videos taken from underneath women’s skirts.
Zhang was charged with six counts of unlawful viewing, taping and recording of persons, and police also placed him on federal immigration hold.
According to the Washington Post, after Zhang was found guilty, a federal immigration judge determined that he “no longer has a legal basis to remain in the US.” Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman, Yasmeen Pitts O’Keefe, added, “Accordingly, ICE is now making preparations to repatriate Mr. Zhang to his native country.
It is unclear how long Zhang will have to wait before he is deported to China, but there is also a possibility the country may not take him back.
China is listed by the Department of Homeland Security as one of 23 countries considered “uncooperative or recalcitrant” when it comes to repatriation.
“Whether a foreign government wholly refuses to take back one of its nationals or simply refuses to take back its nationals in a timely manner, there are significant resource implications for ICE,” ICE deputy director Daniel Ragsdale said, according to the Post.
He added: “There is a clear public safety threat posed to the United States by the failure of uncooperative or recalcitrant countries to accept the timely return of their nationals who have committed crimes in this country.
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