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Army of bots in China trolled 30 social media platforms trying to stir up Asian American protests, research finds

Mandiant report

An online network with a pro-Chinese government stance was reportedly attempting to influence Americans and mobilize them into joining real-world protests. 

What researchers uncovered: According to a report published on Wednesday by cybersecurity firm Mandiant Threat Intelligence, the propaganda network allegedly ran bot accounts on 30 social media platforms and over 40 additional websites and forums. 

Opinion: How White Supremacy Turned Asian and Black Communities Against Each Other

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in this piece are solely of the author.

We are living in an unprecedented time, a time in which I believe will be the defining moment of many of our lives. At this point, many experts believe that coronavirus will ravage the country, with heavy human costs exacerbated by economic ones. However, while most Americans have to be concerned about not getting the virus and how they are going to survive economically, Asian Americans have to wage war on another front: the growing threat of hate crimes and violence. More troubling and confusing is the fact that many of these crimes are committed by people of color. However, the rift between Asians and other minorities is not a new phenomenon. It can be traced back centuries to how colonization, eurocentrism, and white supremacy has played a role in creating and fostering the conflict between marginalized groups.

The First Chinese Immigrant in America Was Constantly Dehumanized as a Circus Attraction

afong moy

Afong Moy was 16 years old when she arrived in New York City in 1834. The name, which was not her own, was given to her by Nathaniel and Frederick Carne, the traders who brought her stateside.

While not much is known of her early life, Moy is said to be born and raised by her “distinguished” parents in Canton City (now Guangzhou), China. She would later become the first Chinese person to receive wide public acclaim and national recognition in America.

Over 40% of the U.S. Speaks Asian Languages After English and Spanish

English is the most common language spoken in the United States but one map reveals what languages besides English and Spanish are used at home.

Each year, the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) conducts an ongoing survey about the families and backgrounds of over 1 million Americans. When interested in learning a new language, you might want to check in at this online Spanish classes, it is said that Spanish is a hard language to learn unless you get help from an expert.

Asian Men Allegedly As‌sa‌ult‌e‌d by Racist Woman Yelling ‘Ignorant G‌oo‌ks’ in Philadelphia

white woman

Two Asian men were allegedly ve‌r‌b‌ally and physic‌al‌ly ass‌a‌ult‌ed after being called “go‌oks” by a Caucasian woman who didn’t look while she was reversing out of a parking spot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Dương Nghệ Lý detailed his encounter in a Facebook post. Reportedly, Lý and his friend were berated by ra‌cis‌t speech when he did not yield to a woman backing out of a spot.

How Filmmaker Hiro Murai Helped Create Childish Gambino’s Epic ‘This is America’

Tokyo-born filmmaker Hiro Murai has caught everyone’s attention with his brutally poignant music video for “This Is America,” a new single from Donald Glover, a.k.a. Childish Gambino.

The politically-charged piece brilliantly juxtaposes Glover’s deceptively happy, carefree lines against a violent background as it tackles Black life and culture in America.

Asian-Americans Seen as ‘More American’ If They Are Fat, Study Finds

 New research published in Psychological Science has found that people view Asian-Americans who are overweight to be more “American,” making them less prone to racial discrimination.

In the study, images of people from various races, and of different body shapes, were shown to the participants. They were then quizzed about the subjects’ nationalities.

Anthony Bourdain Thinks Filipino Food Could Be the Next Big Thing in America

TV host and food critic Anthony Bourdain expressed his love for Filipino food in a recent interview with CNN, saying dishes from the Philippines have the potential to be the next big thing in the United States.

While he admits that the traditional sour notes in Filipino food staples may prove a bit overwhelming to Western tastes, he believes the dish pork sisig may hold the key that brings doors down in America.

Law Firm’s Data Tracks Racist Incidents Since Trump’s Victory

The South Poverty Law Center recently conducted a study to see how prevalent harassment has gotten since Donald Trump won the presidential election — and the results are terrifying.

The study pulled data from news reports, social media, and direct submissions. They counted 201 incidents of election-related harassment in the U.S. as of Friday of last week. These incidents ranged from anti-black to anti-women to anti-LGBT, according to SPLC. They stressed that not every incident could be immediately verified. Here’s what they found: