Law Firm’s Data Tracks Racist Incidents Since Trump’s Victory

The South Poverty Law Center recently conducted a study to see how prevalent harassment has gotten since Donald Trump won the presidential election — and the results are terrifying.
The study pulled data from news reports, social media, and direct submissions. They counted 201 incidents of election-related harassment in the U.S. as of Friday of last week. These incidents ranged from anti-black to anti-women to anti-LGBT, according to SPLC. They stressed that not every incident could be immediately verified. Here’s what they found:
Anti-Black and Anti-immigrant incidents were the most reported. The “Trump” category consisted of incidents where there was no clear racial target.
It appears that most incidents of harassment that were reported happened in K-12 schools. Universities were the second most prevalent areas of harassment while businesses were the third.
Seriously, California!? What’s up with this!?
Fortunately, it appears that incidents reports are starting to slow down. Most of the reports came the day after Trump’s victory.
Source: SPLC
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