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Horrific Acid Attack and Suicide Shocks National Taiwan University Campus

A graduate student took his own life after attacking another student with a corrosive substance on the National Taiwan University (NTU) campus in Taiwan.  

The horrific incident, which took place around midnight on Friday in front of an NTU women’s dorm, left the suspect, identified only by his last name Chang, dead and three others injured, UDN reported (via Taiwan News).

Robbers Spray Acid in Elderly Vietnamese Shopkeeper’s Mouth During Brutal Attack in London

An elderly female Vietnamese shopkeeper in East London recently fell victim to a group of robbers who, after mercilessly spraying acid on her face, gave her a brutal beating as she lay defenseless on the ground.

According to court documents, 24-year-old Sadik Kamara also sprayed industrial-strength drain cleaner into the mouth of 51-year-old Quyen Bui when she attempted to scream for help during the attack on March 10.