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Woman Uses Pet Dog as a ‘Weapon’ in Racist Attack Against Asian Shopkeeper

A woman in Manchester, England was found guilty of using her dog to attack an Asian shopkeeper in a racially-charged dispute that escalated after a store worker accused her of shoplifting.

Sonya Wadsworth, 41, deliberately let her Staffordshire Terrier “Tyson” off the leash to bite Varun Ditta, also known as “Jimmy,” at his Around A Pound Plus grocery store in Wythenshawe around 3 p.m. on Aug. 28, 2018, the Manchester Magistrates’ Court reportedly heard.

Racism Against 2 Chinese Passengers Sparks Terrifying Evacuation at Newark Airport

Passengers at Newark Liberty Airport were sent into unnecessary panic on Labor Day after an Alaska Airlines employee thought the two Asian men she saw looked “suspicious.”

Based on the initial reports, a flight attendant approached the men for allegedly acting suspiciously. The report claimed that the woman screamed “evacuate” and hit an emergency alert button after the men started running. A source told CNN that the call to evacuate stirred panic at the gate. Nearly 200 passengers responded to the warning and started dashing to the exits. 

‘Go Back to China Where You Belong’: Racist Incident Caught on Video in Canada

A racist tirade by a middle-aged White woman was caught on video at a parking lot in Richmond City, Canada. 

The footage of the verbal attack on Friday afternoon surfaced on social media, prompting an ongoing investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The video shows two cars parked bumper to bumper, with one of them crossing the white line dividing the two spots.

Ph.D. Student From Malaysia Kills Herself After Months of Racist Bullying at Utah State University

A Utah State student’s reports of racist bullying that ultimately forced her to take her own life had fallen on deaf ears, a lawsuit alleges.

Jerusha Sanjeevi, 24, a Ph.D. candidate at Utah State University, allegedly suffered eight long months of bullying from fellow students who called her names and even conjured rumors that she was mentally unstable.

Korean Canadian Doctor Claims She Was Racially Profiled as a ‘Prostitute’ After Moving to Australia

Dr. Alice Han, an accomplished medical professional, women’s health expert, and a TEDx speaker, opened up about allegedly being subjected to some racial profiling immediately after moving to Australia.

Originally from Toronto, the Korean-Canadian obstetrician and gynecologist had moved to Melbourne back in May after receiving a research fellowship award.

UPDATE: Andrew Yang Kicked Out of September Debate Less Than 24 Hours After Being Accepted

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang is not giving up without a fight after the Democratic National Committee rejected one of his polls to qualify for the debate in September.

Less than 24 hours after announcing he qualified for the third and fourth Democratic primary debates scheduled for the fall, Yang received an email from the DNC on Tuesday telling him that he didn’t submit four polls that proved he received at least 2%.

Dental Hygienist Accused of Racism Over Instagram Video Mocking Asian American Lawyer

A California-based dental hygienist who has more than 13,000 followers on a now-deactivated Instagram profile has been accused of racism after mocking a billboard of an Asian American lawyer in a story this week.

Vahan Jerry Ounjian, founder and CEO of Dentistry Humor, a merchandise store based in Los Angeles, recorded a video of a billboard of James Wang, a certified public accountant and lawyer focusing on personal injury and criminal defense.

Woman Accuses Popular Grocery Chain of Letting a Racist Harass Her in the Store

A British Chinese woman has accused the management of an Asda store in London of failing to protect her from a racist man who threatened to physically assault her inside their premises.

In a Twitter thread, Eve Cong described how the man followed her into the store along Peckham High Street on July 13, being “racist” and threatening to punch her for no reason.

Chinese Flight Student Commits Suicide Due to Alleged Racial Discrimination at Texas School

The U.S. Aviation Academy in Denton, Texas is being accused of negligence and racially discriminatory practices after a Chinese flight student committed suicide on campus.

Yang Yan, 21, believed to be from Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, was found dead on the morning on April 16th in the aviation school’s dormitory. His death was ruled as a suicide.