Racist Airbnb Host Calls Black Men ‘Monkeys’ and ‘Criminals’

Racist Airbnb Host Calls Black Men ‘Monkeys’ and ‘Criminals’
Ryan General
June 2, 2019
An unbelievably racist Airbnb host has been removed from the home-sharing platform after a video of her exhibiting prejudice against a group of Black guests in New York City emerged online.
In the video, which has gone viral on social media, the female host is shown arguing with Meshach Cisero and his friends over their lodging arrangements.
“Which one of the monkeys are going to sleep on the couch?” the host, only identified as Kate on the Airbnb listing, can be heard asking the group.
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Cisero explained on Twitter that he and his friends were kicked out of an AirBnB at 2:30 a.m. while the host allegedly called them criminals. She also claimed to feel “threatened” with their presence.
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“This evening we, unfortunately, had the unpleasant encounter of experiencing a racist @airbnb host. She put us out at 2:30 in the morning, only after calling us racial slurs such as monkeys and criminals,” wrote on his Twitter account @mcisero24.
Meshach, his twin brother Meshawn, and three other friends have reportedly flown in from different parts of the country for a weekend get-together.
Cisero recounted in an interview with The Root that he arrived first at the rental property at around 11 p.m. and did not get to meet the host initially. Instead, they were met by the host’s “boyfriend or husband” whom he described to be “very polite to us the entire time.”
After showing them their rental space on the third floor, the spouse assured them that should they emit some noise, it shouldn’t be a problem since they were on the third floor. However, when Cisero and his friends started playing music for their evening out, they were told by the man to turn the music down or off because they were trying to sleep.
“We complied because we didn’t want to break the rules, but when we were greeted he said music shouldn’t be a problem,” Cisero was quoted as saying. “Music was playing but we weren’t being loud.”
Later on, another friend came by to meet them, bringing the group total to five people, which is still within the range of the accepted number of guests based on the listing.
“The boyfriend came up a second time to tell us to be quiet again. He never got rude, loud, or aggressive; he was trying to remedy the situation,” said Cisero. “Honestly, we were being very compliant.”
At around 1:15 a.m., Kate confronted the guests on her own, telling them to go for being noisy.
“You need to get the fuck out, you guys are too loud,” Kate allegedly said.
According to Cisero, the host was very aggressive, accusing them of being criminals who will damage her property and steal from her. Cisero is a former software consultant who is now the co-owner and executive chef of “The Caged Bird,” a restaurant in Washington D.C.
Kate then went on to tell them they had overstayed their welcome and had too many people in the rooms. The group then argued that the listing was for six people, but Kate replied by using a racial slur to insult them.
In response to Cisero’s tweets, Airbnb wrote: “We’re so sorry to hear this, Airbnb does not condone discrimination in any way. You can view our Anti-Discriminatory Policy here, abnb.do/6010EW8Ys. We’d like to follow up on this, could you please send us a DM providing additional information? Thank you.”
The online platform soon revealed that it has removed the host from the community, NewsOne reports. “The language used in this video is unacceptable and has no place in the Airbnb community,” Airbnb said in a statement. “We have a strict nondiscrimination policy, which we are enforcing to remove the host from our platform. We are supporting Mr. Cisero and his friends in getting them a new place to stay through our Open Doors policy. We’re thankful to them for bringing this to our attention so we could take action.”
Under the company’s “Open Doors” policy, guests facing discrimination are provided an alternate place to stay. “[I]f a Guest anywhere in the world feels like they have been discriminated against in violation of our policy – in trying to book a listing, having a booking canceled, or in any other interaction with a host – we will find that Guest a similar place to stay if one is available on Airbnb, or if not, we will find them an alternative accommodation elsewhere,” the policy states.
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