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San Diego College Students Launch Free Ride Service for Asian Women and Elderly

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Asian women and seniors that fear taking public transportation are now able to get rides reimbursed in San Diego, thanks to a donation-based service started by two college students. 

Last week, co-founders Sydney Trieu and Paul Lim launched San Diego Cabbie, an initiative that covers up to a $30 rideshare fare for Asian women and elderly who might not feel safe walking alone or taking public transportation, CBS8 reported.

Man Forced to Get Leg Amputated After Injuries From Hit-And-Run in San Diego

Tu Hoang Lam

Tu Hoang Lam lost his right leg after undergoing multiple surgeries to treat the injuries resulting from a hit-and-run incident in San Diego on March 7.

Lam was buckling his 6-year-old child into his car in a Food For Less parking lot when a man driving an SUV slammed into him. The 47-year-old father was pinned to his car for 10 seconds before the driver sped off as witnesses started to gather.