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Taiwanese woman discovers her son’s kindergarten classmate is daughter of her husband and his mistress

  • A Taiwanese woman who reportedly noticed that her son’s classmate resembled her husband discovered that the little girl’s mother was her husband’s mistress.
  • The woman purportedly knew about the affair, having discovered it five years ago while pregnant. Both the mistress and husband promised to cut ties from each other.
  • The woman said her husband denied the claim and pushed her to the ground.
  • In an update post, the woman stated that she is six months pregnant and has moved in with her parents until the birth of her second child.

After reportedly encountering a little girl at her son’s preschool who bore a resemblance to her husband, a Taiwanese woman discovered her to be the daughter of her husband and his former mistress. 

Following the discovery, the woman shared her story titled “My husband’s mistress’ daughter attends the same kindergarten as my son” to an online forum called Breaking News Commune APP- Anonymous Commune, reported China Press

New ‘Made in the East’ collection born from fighting anti-Asian hate with kindness

One of the cheapest, most powerful yet scarcest resources we have in our society today is plain and simple kindness. It can help us understand and accept one another, give us the strength to overcome our greatest hardships, and an important antidote to our country’s racism epidemic.

It may sound simple and idealistic, but for entrepreneur Mike Kim, it’s an undeniable life saver and a business with his venture Some Neat Place.

Why Vietnamese Americans Hate the Vietnam Flag Emoji

For many Asian Americans who have spent a significant amount of time away from their homeland, a nation’s flag can evoke a sense of pride, nationalism, and oftentimes, a deep longing to return to their country of origin.

This is not usually the case, however, for many overseas Vietnamese (Việt kiều), especially those whose family fled Vietnam in the late 1970s and 1980s as “Boat People.” For them, their current flag instead brings back images of dread, fear, and disdain as it reminds them of the communist regime their families opposed and escaped from.

Asians Reveal What it Was Like Finally Coming Out to Their Family

Protecting and supporting LGBTQ youth is an issue that still needs more attention and visibility within the Asian American community. While the younger generations are increasingly accepting of the LGBTQ community, things are not always the same for our older family members.

For gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer youth, finally being able to come out to their loved ones and being able to openly express themselves and their sexuality is the first step to becoming our most honest selves.

Asians Reveal the Craziest Ways Their Parents Punished Them as Kids

It seems like every Asian child has at least one memorable ass whooping story they like to share on repeat. While white parents like to ground their children or take away their phones, immigrant parents like to exercise a bit more creativity — after all, there’s nothing better than the element of surprise, right?

We asked our readers to reveal to us some of the most bizarre ways they were punished by their parents as children, and well, we received an overwhelming number of responses — almost a concerning amount actually.

Who is Yuna Song and Why is She Not a ‘Hot Korean Girl’ Too?

A Facebook post that seemingly burned a cast member in the credits for being just a “Korean girl” and not one of the “Hot Korean Girls” gained thousands of reactions on the group Subtle Asian Traits.

But for the the deep-thinking intellectuals of SAT, the post begs a number of questions. Who is Yuna Song? Why is Yuna Song not a hot girl? What movie is this from? Because I think I will decide for myself if Yuna Song is a hot girl or not. Significant resources were spent to get to the bottom of this — this is what we found.

8 Signs That Asian Baby Boy You’ve Been Seeing is Going to Shatter Your Heart

Maybe you’ve started seeing a seemingly sweet ABB (Asian baby boy) and have started to notice a few red flags here and there, or maybe you’ve been ignoring these red flags from the very beginning (tsk tsk)– either way, ABBs and Asian fu*kboys display very distinct behaviors that you should always look out for before getting too serious.

Of course, maybe just one or two of these characteristics can be overlooked. However, if you don’t want your heart shattered to pieces, it’s probably best you stay away from boys who show several of these signs.

Women Tell Us Their Worst Asian F**kboy Stories And YIKES

It’s a tale as old as time — girl meets boy, girl ignores all the red flags, girl ends up being played by the classic Asian fuckboy — and honestly, it happens to the best of us.

To these boys, ghosting, benching and cheating just come so naturally, it’s a talent, really. And as much as you might want to believe that you are the cure for your partner’s fuckboy antics, honey, there is no cure.

Geoff 93044, Who Cheated on His Girlfriend of 8 Years, Allegedly Seen Together With Her Again

In January of this year, Twitter was shaken up with some extremely hot tea in the form of a cheating scandal when Instagram photographer Geoff Hamanishi, simply referred to as the 93044, was exposed as an unfaithful boyfriend.

Now, it appears the whole arc is behind him and the girlfriend he had previously cheated on, Kassandra, is back with him according to several eyewitness reports on Twitter.