Women Tell Us Their Worst Asian F**kboy Stories And YIKES

Women Tell Us Their Worst Asian F**kboy Stories And YIKES
Jin Hyun
April 29, 2019
It’s a tale as old as time — girl meets boy, girl ignores all the red flags, girl ends up being played by the classic Asian fuckboy — and honestly, it happens to the best of us.
To these boys, ghosting, benching and cheating just come so naturally, it’s a talent, really. And as much as you might want to believe that you are the cure for your partner’s fuckboy antics, honey, there is no cure.
We asked women to share their worst Asian fuckboy stories and basically, the moral of the story is, men are trash, fuckboys are trash, and if you see any of these red flags, you’re better off deleting your Tinder account and running for the hills.

Mich, 21

“I once swiped right on this Pinoy guy on Tinder. Reason for doing so is because of the transformation pic on his dp and I got interested about it. We started really chill and we kinda vibed. We talked on that app for days. He asked me out for drinks and I was like nah I got a job & curfew. He eventually asked for my snapchat but I didn’t have one so I made a dupe account. BUTTT before I was able to do so, I was scrolling through my Facebook and… GUESS WHAT THE FUCK IS UP. I saw my ex-schoolmate posting about her surprise for her boyfriend’s birthday, and GUESS AGAIN WHAT. He was the guy that I spoke to on Tinder!!! So I made a dupe snapchat account and added him, we made small talk and he suddenly asked me for a flirty snap. I told him, ‘wait a sec, let me first greet you a happy birthday!’ He was shOoKeD and asked how I knew. I told him, ‘the surprise they threw for you was quite cool’. Right after, he left me on seen. I waited for a few minutes for his reply but none came. So I chat him again and asked why he won’t reply. HOWEVERRRRR. It showed that I can’t send him messages anymore. So yea that dumbass blocked me HAHAHAHAHAAH YIKES. Lesson here is, quit Tinder and be a good girl.”

Cilla, 16

“There was this guy named Nathan that I fell in love with a year ago. Like super in love. I’ve had crushes on guys for like 17 times but this guy was different. We would hang out and flirt and it was all nice. BUT he was a fuckboy. My naive ass thought that I could change him around. All the other girls he dated were ABG’s and I was more mainland. He told me that he secretly loved Twice and BLACKPINK, the girl groups. I always thought we had something in common. We bonded over the fact that we both had a childhood in mainland China. We shared soo much in common, I thought he was the one. But I was played. Apparently he lost a game with one of his friends and had to pretend to date me (this sounds like a fan fiction haha). Aaaaand that’s the story of how I had my heart broken for the first time. I still see him working at the local bubble tea shop near our school and it’s hella awkward. H a h a.”

Iris, 23

“I had an ex-boyfriend who was not only toxic but also just plain dumb. I dated him in high school and dated him again when I was in college so that makes me pretty dumb as well. Anyways, he was a really pretty dude who everyone had a crush on so I was blinded. How’d I wake up? He genuinely believed that Caucasian Americans are natively from America and that the English are their descendants that moved to Britain. Apparently the only reason why Brits have an accent is because they are trying really hard to be French. I laughed in his face because I thought he was kidding. He. Was. Not.”

Kelly, 18

“The first time we actually encountered one another was on Halloween day, where he appeared at my doorstep when me and my mother gave out candy. Apparently he knew of me too because he said hi to me first in a comfortable manner. My mom immediately recognized that he was Vietnamese (is this an Asian parent’s sixth sense, or is it just me?) and happily greeted him. From that day onward he contacted me first through social media and at first we had lighthearted conversations until he suddenly popped a question that had me taken aback. Essentially, he was asking for nudes but I tried pushing it off by laughing and changing the subject. I guess he took the hint but later he was getting more descriptive with his texts and that’s when I blocked him. A boy that was perceived to be so innocent and naive by others turns out to be a fuckboy and that’s the real tea sis.”

Alyssa, 16

“When I was on Instagram, I got a notification off a guy following me. I didn’t know him, but his bio said he goes to my school, and a few people I know follow him too. So I just followed him back, cause why not. On his bio, it had an unlocked padlock emoji on it, which represented he was single. And I later get a DM from him saying hi and everything. I just replied ‘hi’ back to be polite. I don’t remember much after. Then for EVERY story I posted, he would reply. It would be 3 seconds after I posted. He would reply as ‘lmao’ THEN ‘wyd’. After I replied, he then told me that I was cute. I was like ‘thanks.’ A good friend of mine, who had experienced things with fbois said ‘if they find out you’re bored, they will swoop in to make a move’. I was like ‘hmmm lemme see if he was a fkboi’. So on my IG story, I posted a video of me listening to some 2000’s bops and captioned ‘LOL I’m so bored that I’m going back to childhood’. Not even 1 minute later, HE REPLIED. Saying ‘lol haha wanna call?’ I obviously declined, and he asked if he made me uncomfortable. I replied ‘yes’ and he said ‘oh’. The next day, I wanted to tell me friends what happened, so I went on his profile to show them, then I realized the bio got changed. Remember when I said his bio had an unlocked padlock emoji on it? This time, it had a locked padlock and heart emoji with ‘since 1/20/19’ (not the real date). I realized that date was a week before he messaged me. So he changed his bio to make it seem he’s single, then changes it again HAHA. So that concludes my Asian fboi experience.”

Nathalie, 19

“I met this dude who seemed really cool and we clicked right away. He showed interest in me and I reciprocated and after a few days of talking I found out he has a gf. Even after that he led me on for months letting me think that he was gonna break up with her and that he cared but it was all bs. Only like 2 months ago did I break it off with him but he was so dramatic and extra and also I’m not the first girl he has cheated on with! Lol.”

Jiya, 17

“Was minding my own business, drinking some boba when I was approached by the elusive Asian fuckboy. He looked me straight in the eye and said ‘take a taste of me if you like Asian balls in your mouth’. Can I get a YIKES.”

Tina, 29

“This guy, Jacob, found me through a mutual friend we had. So he goes on to find me on Facebook and relentlessly messages me for a date. After saying no SOO many times because I was in a FWB situation with his friend and didn’t want things to cross over, I finally just said yes because drinks and dinner wouldn’t hurt and since I’m in a FWB situation I don’t think the other guy would care so much (John). I go on a date with Jacob and it was weird, he kept trying to kiss up on me and I would push him away. The night ends so he takes me home and insisted on coming in (I was naive at the time and said fine). To make matters worse, I brought him into my room to watch TV since I was living with craigslist roommates at the time. We proceed to watch TV and he sprawls out on my bed and then proceeds to take his pants off. From there I told him to gtfo and he did. I told my FWB/his friend the situation and he ended up being pissed that I went on a date with Jacob. After that, John told Jacob, Jacob called me calling me a whore, this, that and whatever… probably straining his relationship with John but yeah. Worst Asian fuckboi experience ever. After shit went down, Jacob still tried to add me on Facebook after I unfriended him numerous times.”

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