Who is Yuna Song and Why is She Not a ‘Hot Korean Girl’ Too?

Who is Yuna Song and Why is She Not a ‘Hot Korean Girl’ Too?Who is Yuna Song and Why is She Not a ‘Hot Korean Girl’ Too?
Editorial Staff
April 30, 2019
A Facebook post that seemingly burned a cast member in the credits for being just a “Korean girl” and not one of the “Hot Korean Girls” gained thousands of reactions on the group Subtle Asian Traits.
But for the the deep-thinking intellectuals of SAT, the post begs a number of questions. Who is Yuna Song? Why is Yuna Song not a hot girl? What movie is this from? Because I think I will decide for myself if Yuna Song is a hot girl or not. Significant resources were spent to get to the bottom of this — this is what we found.

The movie these credits are from is none other than “The Interview”, starring Randall Park, Diana Bang, James Franco and Seth Rogen. As the film takes place mostly in North Korea, there are a number of Korean women featured, but just who is this elusive Yuna Song?

And then we found her, and quickly realized why Yuna Song is not a “hot girl.”

Yuna Song was the little girl who sang that questionable North Korean anthem at the beginning of the film. As you may notice, Yuna Song is literally a girl in this movie and therefore cannot appropriately be called a “hot girl” unless you have some serious issues with yourself.

But there is still a loose end that needs answering. Who even are the “Hot Korean Girls”? They are none other than Kim-Jong Un’s private harem of lingerie-clad girls that parties with him and Dave Sylark in the film.

And with that, the mystery of Yuna Song and the Hot Korean Girls has been laid to rest. Thank you for going on this incredible journey with us.

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