DC announces titles featuring new Asian superheroes for AAPI Heritage Month

DC announces titles featuring new Asian superheroes for AAPI Heritage MonthDC announces titles featuring new Asian superheroes for AAPI Heritage Month
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DC Comics recently announced the release of three upcoming comic book titles aimed at highlighting the talents and stories of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) creators. 
Set to debut under the banner “We Are Legends” as part of the company’s year-long publishing initiative “Dawn of DC,” the three six-issue limited series will all feature newly created heroes in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month in May.
“Spirit World,” written by Alyssa Wong and illustrated by Haining, follows Xanthe, a Chinese hero who has the power to travel in and out of the Spirit World and turn ceremonial joss paper figures into real objects. The series will see the non-binary hero team up with John Constantine to rescue Batgirl Cassandra Cain from the Chinese undead vampires known as jiangshi. The series’ first issue will be released May 9. 
South Asian metahumans take center stage in “The Vigil,” written by Ram V and illustrated by Lalit Kumar Sharma. First introduced in this month’s “Lazarus Planet: Dark Fate No. 1,” the titular group of heroes consists of Arclight, Saya, Dodge and Castle. The series will follow the characters as they attempt to stop metahuman research and tech created for military applications. It will go on sale on May 16. 
“City Boy,” which stars Korean superhero Cameron Kim, is written by Greg Pak, illustrated by Minkyu Jung and colored by Sunny Gho. Kim uses his unique ability to “speak” to cities to find lost and hidden goods to pawn. The series will take Kim to Metropolis, Amnesty Bay, Themyscira and other locations. The title will go on sale starting on May 23.
Each first issue of the three limited series will feature an AAPI Heritage Month variant cover created by Zu Orzu, Pop Mhan and Alexandre Tefenkgi, respectively. The creative teams behind the new series have already introduced some of the characters in other DC titles, such as “Wildstorm 30th Anniversary Special.”
Last year, DC Comics celebrated AAPI Heritage Month with the release of seven AAPI-themed variant covers illustrated by AAPI creators. 
The comics company also launched the new series “Duo,” which features two Asian American lead characters. The six-issue limited series was written by Greg Pak and illustrated by artists Khoi Pham and Scott Hanna.

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