Video of Filipino college graduate sharing her battle with cancer goes viral

Video of Filipino college graduate sharing her battle with cancer goes viral
via TikTok/@gienievieve8
Michelle De Pacina
15 days ago
A brief TikTok video from a Filipino college graduate dealing with cancer has gained widespread attention for its emotional and personal narrative.
Key points:
  • The simple but touching video by user @gienievieve8 recounts her battle with cancer, resonating with viewers globally who expressed their sympathy and encouragement for the patient. 
  • The amplification of her personal story online has seemingly fostered meaningful connections while showcasing the resilience of the human spirit in the comments section.
via TikTok/@gienievieve8
The details:
  • In the video, which was uploaded last week, the TikTok user shared her hopelessness while battling her illness under the latest viral trend, “To My Younger Self.” “For my younger self… I have fulfilled my promise to you that we will graduate, but this is as far as I can go because I have cancer,” she wrote in Tagalog
  • Her post includes a photo of herself when she was a toddler and her graduation picture, where she is wearing a cap and gown. “Sorry, I’m not that strong,” her caption reads.
  • The video has since amassed 3.8 million views, more than 294,500 likes and over 3,400 shares across social media platforms. Viewers have flooded the comments section with messages of solidarity and prayers. Cancer survivors and those who are also battling illnesses have also provided words of encouragement.   
  • “Praying for you, I also have Lymphoma Cancer, fighting it for 6 years now, LET’S FIGHT PLEASE,” one viewer shared, while another said, “I’m a cancer survivor twice. Tight hugs, love! Don’t lose hope, you’ll be cured, oki?” 
  • A recent graduate also chimed in, “I am also diagnosed with cancer, week before my final exam. I graduated last January & currently working, finally gaining energy day by day. I hope you find reason to fight. Pray and believe.”
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