Chinese Tourist Detained at LAX After Slapping a Cashier For the Weirdest Reason

A tourist from China was recently arrested for assaulting a cashier at the LAX duty-free shop.

The incident happened on July 28 at a Duty Free store in Los Angeles’ Tom Bradley International Terminal. The perpetrator was identified as Liang Qi, a 44-year-old tourist, RMZXB reported.

Apparently, the store offers $20 discounts for Chinese shoppers if they buy $400 worth of goods and pay using bank cards issued from China.

At first, Liang went to the counter with less than $400 worth of goods. When informed of the deal, she decided to buy more items.

Unfortunately, Liang forgot her credit card and left it at the counter. After realizing that her card was missing, she returned to the counter and demanded for it. The cashier, who had forgotten about the card couldn’t find it at first, but eventually did with help from the store manager.

Eventually, the card was found beside the cash register. But upon returning it, Liang suddenly slapped the cashier twice in the face. It is currently unknown why exactly she slapped the cashier.

Liang was later apprehended by airport security and detained at the Los Angeles Police Department Detention Center, causing her to miss her flight back to Shanghai. She was released on the morning of July 30 and has been placed on the national travel blacklist, according to Shanghaiist.

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